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Future-proof your business with our 2024 report

We understand the challenges brands and marketplaces face in planning their strategies within the ever-evolving e-commerce scene. But don’t worry; we present you with exclusive insights and trends in our 2024 Tradebyte Report.

In our second edition of the Tradebyte Report, we explore opportunities, challenges, and trends expected this year. This comprehensive report delves into various aspects, from the growing influence of marketplaces to the importance of driving sales on social media platforms. Despite challenges such as soft pricing, supply chain complexities, and sustainability concerns, we anticipate a promising year for the e-commerce landscape.


Our report is packed with over 30 pages of actionable insights, current market dynamics, and key predictions. Covering major topics relevant to e-commerce businesses in 2024, including:

  • Rise of social selling, especially on its leading platform, TikTok
  • Importance of digital product passports
  • Sustainable commerce and how to meet consumers’ needs
  • DTC journey of premium and luxury brands
  • Creating a marketplace strategy that delivers

Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of emerging trends, tackle predictable challenges, or enhance your business strategy, our report has you covered.

With Tradebyte’s expertise at your fingertips, confidently navigate challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Download your copy now and get a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for fashion and lifestyle e-commerce in 2024.


At Tradebyte, we recognise the importance of making the right choices and forming strategic partnerships to improve business performance. With our extensive network of 1,000+ brands, 90+ retailers, and 30+ partners across Europe, we provide comprehensive solutions for both brands and retailers. TB.One helps brands connect with multiple marketplaces effortlessly, while TB.Market enables retailers to expand their online presence and become a marketplace.


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