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Ever since our founding in 2009, growth is all we’ve known. The rate is at 30 to 40 percent each year and we now employ over 160 people. But our team isn’t growing alone – our customer base is doing so as well, and with it our challenges. We are in a constant process of evolution, which changes our organization and processes. But despite all these dynamics one constant remains: our culture. Our team is supportive and collegial. We all pull in the same direction and strive to make a difference. We always make sure there is ample time to integrate new colleagues. This is the only way in which we can generate further growth. Becoming part of the Zalando group only helped us to gain further strength and self-confidence, in order to achieve our ambitions.



Tradebyte is synonymous with modern, cloud-based software solutions for digital trade. Big players, such as Amazon, eBay or Otto are part of our ecosystem, and we ourselves became part of the Zalando family in 2016. Global brands from the fashion- and living industry, for example GUESS, Bestseller, Butlers and Hallhuber rely on Tradebyte to master the challenges of the ever-evolving digital world. We establish connections in order to efficiently link players in modern trade. We offer solutions for the efficient management of all-new challenges with the help of intelligent tools. We have the specialist expertise, which provides access to the complex world of digital trade.


The world is becoming more interconnected – digitalisation, while it is still in its infancy, has already reached nearly all industries. The Tradebyte ecosystem plays a major role in this rapid process of development. The secure growth of our company provides the basis for our employees’ extensive opportunities to develop and advance. Nothing has remained as it was two years ago. And, two years from now, nothing will be as it is today. For the individual employees, that means they can follow their own passions and talents, and will be able to develop within the spaces created. Growth means opportunity.


Our company had not even come of age yet, when the big stage called. From the very beginning we’ve been working with the industry’s big names and have developed many innovative concepts together. Our company was awarded the Bavarian Founders’ Award and was recently named Focus Growth Champion. Since 2016 we are part of the Zalando family, and are now able to take the next step with reinforced strength. These are the milestones of our success story, which give us confidence and motivate us every day.


Our company is part of the Zalando group. Zalando SE shares are listed with an annual turnover of more than 4.5 billion euros and more than 14,000 employees at MDAX. It was started as a one-man show in 2009. Now, we are an independent subsidiary with over 160 employees and we nearly double our turnover every 2-years. On the one hand, we profit from the experience and the tremendous reputation of our parent company, on the other hand we determine our own path with a great deal of freedom. This hybrid structure leads us to a whole new size.


Tradebyte’s DNA? Tech. More than 650 customers work with our software solutions, all with the same code, all receive new releases on a bi-weekly basis. We think generically through and through, and avoid specific solutions. This is the way to scale and master the great variety of challenges. Nowadays, we host several terabyte of data and manage more than a thousand jobs with a multitude of transactions every day. Agile development processes have long been part of our enterprise and will ensure that our company will remain true to our DNA. Tech.

Colleagues' voices


Nikolai Hawlik
Integration Manager – loves football

“From my first day as a student trainee I was fully-integrated and motivated. The team spirit here is really great: Everyone helps each other and wants to get better.”


Julia Meck
Support Manager – loves horse riding

“At Tradebyte I enjoy absolute trust and have great creative freedom as a team leader. The mixture of technical expertise and direct customer contact is really exciting.”


Florian Braun
Key Account Manager – loves music

“The team spirit here is extraordinary. The atmosphere is friendly and that motivates me to come here and do my best for the company every day.”

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