Expand your online shop and become a marketplace

TB.Market is the first standardised solution for operators of marketplaces and distribution platforms in e-commerce.

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Why use a standardised solution

Benefits of TB.Market

  • Scale your business

    Connect once and strategically expand your product range. Our retailer solutions focus on growth and support continuous change, whether with brands or business models. Be it new brands or business models.

  • Reduce complexity

    Enjoy a single interface with all the essential features for a successful marketplace. Benefit from synergies and streamlined processes with the help of a centralised control centre.

  • Linked systems

    Tear down data silos. Opt for one system for all your data.
    This way, you have all the information you need for a smooth process.

  • One single connection

    Connect once and get access to a constantly growing pool of brands. Thanks to strong standards, expand your own marketplace with additional brands in no time.

  • Access to 1.000+ brands

    Find new brands that fit your marketplace easily. Benefit from our pool of 1.000+ European brands with a broad variety of assortments. Want to connect a brand that is not part of our ecosystem? We also offer a dedicated solution for this case!

Top features of TB.Market

Your multiplier for
increased turnover

  • Set your own business rules

    Freely configure business rules for transferring content and stocks into your own system environment.

  • Comprehensive supplier service

    We support every step of the way, from the suppliers’ systems to TB.One and TB.Market to the export into your own infrastructure. After all, we want you to have the best results with this end-to-end service.

  • Transparent SaaS application

    Benefit from our extensive PIM and OMS application for managing suppliers and drop-shipping processes. Experience complete transparency of order status and delivery processes.

  • Data analysis

    Make use of the data that is collected in TB.Market to make data-driven decisions. Like this, you will be able to optimise your assortment and further scale your business.

Fabian Engelhorn

Chief Executive Officer

With Tradebyte we chose one of the leading platform enablers in the European fashion and lifestyle sector, which has led to a competent partnership for our platform strategy. We’re looking forward to mutual growth and our further close cooperation.


What it takes to become
a marketplace

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We will invite you to a kick-off call to communicate expectations and requirements on both sides as well as technical details. This will help us with the initial setup of your account.


To make sure your team knows how to use the new software, we offer enablement sessions based on the real environment of your account. In this session, we’ll also define your business rules.

Import & Testing

Before the actual go-live, we will test the functionality, defined workflows and the order processing with the help of pilot partners from within our brand pool.


After the go-live, we provide a hyper-care period to make sure your new marketplace is running smoothly and in case of any issues they will be fixed with high priority.

Vendor Portal

Team up with your desired brands from outside our network

There’s no need to limit yourself when it comes to designing your very own marketplace. Our solutions are as individual as you are. We make it work by setting up the interface you need.

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