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Vendor portal

Marketplaces that already use our Tradebyte software can connect with brands outside of our network thanks to the Vendor Portal. This is an easy way to expand your portfolio with brands whether they are a part of our network or not.

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Endless connections

All your brands in one place

Using our Vendor Portal, you can integrate brands to your marketplace without them using our software or having a contractual relationship with us. You still get access to all your connections and can build your portfolio with any brand out there.

  • Seamless integrations and expansion

    Our Vendor Portal offers the flexibility to expand your offerings and diversify your portfolio with various brands whether they work with us already or not.

  • Centralised management

    All your brands in one place for a streamlined management process. This centralised approach ensures smoother operations.

  • Growth opportunity

    With endless connections made possible, our Vendor Portal empowers you to build a comprehensive and diverse brand portfolio. Stay ahead of your competitors and curate your marketplace’s selection to unlock your full sales potential while enhancing customer engagement.

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