Our partnership with Zalando is full of innovative solutions for e-commerce players to stay ahead of the curve in this fast paced industry. Today, we are excited to introduce ZEOS, Zalando’s new B2B platform that helps brands and retailers unlock Europe’s full potential with an end-to-end logistics offering. Keep scrolling to find out more!
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What is ZEOS?

Tradebyte and ZEOS work in partnership to merge our expertise and reshape fashion and lifestyle e-commerce. Backed by Zalando’s infrastructure, ZEOS offers end-to-end logistics solutions, empowering brands and retailers across Europe through seamless multichannel sales experiences.

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Why multichannel?

Multichannel Fulfilment simplifies the entire order process, from inventory management to shipping, enabling a stockpool to handle orders from various sales channels. With centralised inventory management syncing across channels, products are efficiently managed, packed and shipped, regardless of the platform from which the customer made the purchase.

Multichannel presents many benefits:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased market reach
  • Reduced costs

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The process is simple

How does it work?

  • Deliver your stock to ZEOS
  • Receive a single-interface overview of your assortment availability
  • When a customer places an order via their preferred sales channel, it is fulfilled for you in line with the channel specific delivery requirements
  • Returns are processed in the nearest return centre and stored in a ZEOS fulfilment centre, from which they’ll be shipped out upon the next customer order

Partners in crime

ZEOS’s logistics x Tradebyte’s expertise

Your team of experts at Tradebyte is ready to accompany you on your ZEOS journey. With a long standing strong relationship with Zalando and years of expertise in e-commerce, we offer valuable insights and guidance for optimal performance. Leverage ZEOS’s largest fashion logistics network in Europe with our end to end integrations solution and team expertise at Tradebyte to achieve optimised logistics solutions, accelerated deliveries and enhanced customer experiences. 

  • Access Europe’s largest fashion e-commerce network with one simple integration
  • Combine ZEOS’s MCF solution with Tradebyte’s expertise to increase value for your brand and customers
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a modular plug and play solution
  • Experience a quick and adaptable setup aligned with your timeline
  • Explore the benefits of ZEOS without upfront investment and commitment

Expand quickly to new markets and marketplaces with your full assortment and standardised delivery processes

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