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Times are challenging for British brands with Brexit adding further complications to an already complex market due to the cost of living crisis and rising business costs. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with Retail Economics to bring you the most important data and insights in a joint report pooling our years of industry expertise so you can seize your growth opportunities within the European market.

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Our Report “From Brexit to Breakthrough: UK Brands Embrace Marketplaces for Global Success”

Our collaboration with Retail Economics provides readers with in-depth knowledge of the British retail market today, including the biggest challenges it is facing and tangible solutions to overcome them.

Our report features 25+ pages of expert insights gained by pooling expertise from two of the biggest players in the e-commerce sector, Retail Economics and Tradebyte. Together we have a detailed understanding of the UK market and marketplaces in both the UK and EU, bringing you the best from each! Packed with facts and stats for UK e-commerce businesses, you’ll learn more about vital topics:

  • marketplace evolution

    Explore the evolution of marketplaces, from online shopping in the late 90s to the critical role they play in today’s e-commerce

  • post brexit trade dynamics

    Dive into trade dynamics post Brexit, and unlock the secrets of how brands can leverage the £322.6 billion EU market

  • Future of marketplaces

    Peek into the future of marketplaces, offering UK brands pathways to tap into promising growth opportunities

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What’s changed after Brexit

After Brexit, there were significant shifts in consumer preferences and demand patterns. Our comprehensive analysis reveals key changes in various sectors.

  • £0bn

    increase in net imports of retail goods since 2019

  • -0%

    Since 2019, UK exports to the EU have decreased from £33.6 billion to £27.6 billion

  • 0%

    increase in exports since 2019 in the Health & Beauty category, making it the least impacted

  • 0

    Trade intensity for non-food items in 2023, remaining below pre-2020 levels

  • -0%

    decline experienced by the Apparel category for EU exports, making it the most impacted




Tradebyte and Retail Economics

A partnership built on expertise

Retail Economics is an independent British economics consultancy known for its industry-leading analysis of the fashion and retail sectors. Their insights into market trends, data analysis and forecasts are unrivalled in the British marketplace industry, especially for B2C brands selling online or on the highstreet. Combined with Tradebyte’s 15 years of experience and position as the leading European integrator for fashion and lifestyle brands and marketplaces, we’ve pooled our insider knowledge and created a comprehensive guide that enables brands to move into an EU marketplace expansion with confidence.

Between our two positions as thought leaders in the marketplace industry, there’s no better team to help your business expand to the European market in 2024! Discover our latest finds now.

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Online marketplaces like ASOS and Debenhams in the UK, as well as Zalando, OTTO, and Trendyol in Europe, offer an effective avenue for brands to meet diverse customer demands across multiple countries and languages. At Tradebyte, we have 15+ years of experience in connecting brands with European marketplaces, and we provide comprehensive solutions for your e-commerce expansion needs. From pricing to stock management and order data, we offer tailored support and guidance every step of the way. Our extensive network of solution provider partners ensures seamless integration with services ranging from shipping solutions to translation services, catering to your brand’s specific requirements.

Our network connects you with:

1,000+ brands

90+ retailers

30+ partner solution providers

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Apricot Tradebyte Success Story

Apricot’s success post-Brexit

Seamlessly scaling into EU marketplaces with Tradebyte

British fashion brand Apricot stands out as an example of overcoming the challenges stemming from Brexit. The leading UK brand transformed its business model by expanding from a retail-store-only presence to successful integration with EU marketplaces, guided by Tradebyte’s expertise. This has led to a remarkable +556% growth in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) within the first year, as Apricot expanded across 10+ platforms with Tradebyte.
Apricot’s remarkable growth shows how the right strategy and a strong collaboration can change challenges into chances in today’s e-commerce scene.

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