Goodbye 2023, hello 2024!

E-commerce trends and insights for a successful 2024

From social selling to the rise of luxury in e-commerce, these are the trends you need to know about

Now is the time to prepare your strategy for another successful year, and as always Tradebyte has you covered. We want to take this opportunity to share our learnings and expertise with you, offering an overview of challenges and opportunities to come, as well as sharing insights from our team.

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Getting ready for the new year

E-commerce in 2024

As we start into 2024, the world is facing a number of challenges from political instability to climate change and economic downturn, as well as unforeseeable changes through rapid developments in AI. But with the right insider knowledge from leading e-commerce experts, these challenges can be navigated successfully, as many of our clients have shown in 2023.  And our annual Tradebyte report with 30+ pages of market expertise is the perfect tool!

Join us as we share our key takeaways and highlights of 2023, and don’t miss the Tradebyte Report 2024 with insights you can apply right away.

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Looking back on 2023 and ahead to 2024, we’re thrilled to share some of our most exciting milestones, developments and trends we’ve watched – and our strategic outlooks for the future. And no one better to hear them from than our very own team!

Matthias Schulte

» As we mark our 15th anniversary, we reflect with pride on our successful journey. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our valued customers and partners, for their dedicated support. Throughout the past 15 years, our commitment has been dedicated to fostering growth for both marketplaces and brands. Playing a pivotal role in enabling multichannel DTC strategies, our focus now extends towards advancing profitability for platform businesses through expert guidance and innovation. In 2023, the initiation of our Brand Advisory Board meetings underscores our dedication to collaboration for high quality solutions in e-commerce. As we look to 2024, we’re excited for continued success with our esteemed partners. Here’s to 15 years of excellence and a future filled with continued growth and innovation! «

Matthias Schulte, CEO

Alexander Otto

» Following a 3-year hiatus, in 2023 we saw the ECD return with a big bang! A highlight was undoubtedly an opening panel discussion where representatives from Marc O’Polo, Bestseller, and Hugo Boss spoke of innovative technology advancements, including seamless customer experiences and the potential of social commerce. We are so excited to be back again this year on 12th June for more inspiring discussions both on and off the stage! «

Alexander Otto, Head of Corporate Relations

Vanessa Brunner

» In 2023, the successful launch of our new partner ZEOS sets the stage for further development this year. As ZEOS’ preferred partner, we’re excited to offer enhanced fulfilment solutions to our network. Such partnerships not only facilitate smoother expansion into new markets, but also unlock profitable solutions through synergies within logistics, offering additional opportunities for improved stock allocation across Europe. At Tradebyte, we take pride in the strength of our network, consistently connecting our customers with the most suitable partners for optimal success – and we’re excited to expand on this new partnership. «

Vanessa Brunner, Senior Team Lead Strategic Partnerships

Katrin Etringer

» As we reflect on the rise of social commerce in 2023, Tradebyte has forged a new strategic partnership which will be announced soon, to offer our network the chance to leverage the rapid growth and success of social commerce in the upcoming year. «

Katrin Etringer, Head of New Business Retailer

Maximilian Rebensburg

» Our presence within the luxury sector has grown in the past year, with leading brands and retailers such as Hugo Boss, 24S, Yoox, Breuninger, Karl Lagerfeld, Wolford and Harvey Nichols now integral parts of our network. The recent success of our first luxury edition of the ECD event in Paris this year is also a testament to the growing importance of luxury fashion within e-commerce. In 2024, our focus is on expanding our presence further within the luxury sector, creating valuable opportunities within our network. «

Maximilian Rebensburg, Senior Team Lead Emerging Business

» Tradebyte earned the title of fastest integrator for Zalando in 2023, and we are committed to expand on this to provide quick and seamless integrations for our network of brands and marketplaces, accelerating growth all round. «

Tristan Mann, Head of SME and Long-Tail

Your wins are our greatest achievement

2023 customer success stories

Our customers are at the core of everything we do at Tradebyte. Here are some of the fantastic success stories from 2023 we were thrilled to be a part of!

Ready to write your company’s success story in 2024? 

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Growing together

It was great to meet you in  2023!

Meeting our customers and peers in person and being able to nurture human connections are at the core of our company culture at Tradebyte. That’s why we wouldn’t be able to wrap up on 2023 without reflecting on the fantastic events we shared with you! In 2023 we were able to host and participate in online and in-person events in over 5 countries, including our largest event we hosted to date, the ECD in Munich, where we hosted 500 participants. Fostering human connections, nurturing partnerships with our clients and meeting like-minded individuals are a huge part of what we do at Tradebyte, and what makes us love our jobs! Here are some of our event highlights in numbers.

And of course we have big plans for 2024 as well! We’re hosting a range of events both in person and online. Want to secure your spot early and block out your calendar to join? Then sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out!

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We took part in 17 events

In 6 countries: Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, Turkey and Spain

3 events were hosted by Tradebyte in Germany, France and online

500+ participants joined our ECD event in Munich, making it the largest to date

84 individual speed networking sessions took place in our virtual TB.Matchmaking event, where 12 retailers met 41 brands

Functional insights for your business

Tradebyte’s 2024 Report

No matter whether we’ve been working together for years or you’re new here: Tradebyte is here to help your e-commerce business thrive. Our annual report features insights on some of the biggest topics e-commerce businesses will be facing in 2024, including:

  • Social selling, especially on its leading platform, TikTok
  • Digital product passports and why they matter
  • Sustainable commerce and how to meet consumers’ needs
  • How to create a marketplace strategy that delivers

Our report provides 30+ pages of insights, shareable graphics, tips and information that’s relevant for your business in 2024, as well as an introduction to how we can help you find solutions for predictable challenges.

Are you ready to start into 2024 with the leading European fashion and lifestyle e-commerce integrator’s expertise at your fingertips?

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