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Get ready for Cyber Week with these 9 practical tips

Now is exactly the right time to prepare for Cyber Week. We have put together 9 practical tips. Learn more!

To really make the most of the Holiday Shopping Season and Cyber Week for your business, you should…

  1. be optimally prepared and 
  2. be fit and flexible enough to handle the execution. 

To help you along the way, we’ve collected our Top Tips to Win at Cyber Week for you here!

TIP 1: Avoid the top three mistakes that are hindering your products from getting online

To get the most out of Holiday Shopping and Cyber Week, you need to be working with a “clean” account. That means any mistakes in mapping, categorization for each channel and your dataset should be carefully looked at. This is a great place to start, since your learnings here will show you what and how much else needs doing.

TIP 2: Increase our data quality to get products online more quickly

If not all of your attributes are sourced from the same system or are missing in the datafeed, they can still be added to TB.One retroactively. And that’s essential, because if certain key data is missing, artiles can’t be uploaded. You can pick out these mistakes with our Solution Center and then take care of them in TB.One.

TIP 3: Activate your products

To be able to ideally edit and export your product data, it’s important to activate your products in time. This way you can recognise errors in your articles or categorization earlier, and optimise your export quota ahead of time.

TIP 4: Categorization: increase your product visibility online

For your products to be as visible as possible on a channel, optimally categorising it is a key requirement. Learn about each specific demand every channel has: they often have granular differences especially when it comes to categories. Using clustering to categorize manually for each product or by importing is a big help with this. The right approach will bring you closer to your goal and builds a solid foundation for the future.

TIP 5: Value mapping: Increase the online searchability of your products

Every channel wants to present viewers with the best possible articles for them. In order to meet most criteria, it’s important not to neglect the value mapping in optional fields. With the right optional fields your products will be easier to find, increasing your chances of a sale.

TIP 6: Flagging – Manage your key articles at a glance

This is the real key to high transparency and fast exports to a channel. To be able to keep certain articles at the front of your focus, it makes sense to create a flag for selected articles with a clear name and description. This process makes it much easier to avoid errors and correct them, as well as being able to map better. You can also use your flags to filter in the SolutionCenter, and sort items by error codes.

TIP 7: Marketing –  Tell your customers about your products

A good product range and attractive prices aren’t enough to sell your goods successfully. It’s integral to also sell to the right audience with the right messaging. Our partners are here to support you with your Cyber Week marketing campaign on different platforms and channels.

TIP 8: Error Handling – Our SolutionCenter is here to help

Errorhandling is one of the most important jobs in ecommerce, but it can also be a lengthy one. Whether its mistakes in value mapping, enriching data, categorisation or in your business rules, errors bring your success to a grinding halt. Having trouble finding out which errors are happening in which channels, and how you could improve them? Our Solution Centre is here to give you a quick overview, and to suggest ways you can resolve the issues.

TIP 9: Reporting – Your performance at a glance

Keeping a close eye on the export quota is a huge help in finding errors that can boost the rates of resolved. Once the articles have been uploaded to the channel, they just need to be checked to see whether they went live. If you want to follow certain items that are especially important for your business you can do so by flagging them and getting special reports for these items only. This way you can check to make sure all your key items have actually gone online in a quick and easy overview.

Of course, we have special offers for all these tips up our sleeves.



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