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More visibility on online marketplaces

When selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando, etc., the visibility of your brand is an important factor. Learn more in the blog post!

For brands, Black Friday, Cyber Week and the Holiday Shopping Season are the busiest days of the year. But this is also when the competition is at its strongest and brands try to hook the most customers with the best deals. When selling on marketplaces such as Amazon, Zalando, Galaxus or eBay, it is not only the price that decides whether an item of your brand is sold. Another decisive factor is the visibility of your brand and items on the respective marketplace. The higher up in the search results an item appears, the more likely it is to be bought.

Together with some of our associated marketplaces, we have put together four useful tips to improve the ranking of your items and increase visibility.

1. Optimise product data and descriptions

Maintaining product data is one of the basics if you want to sell successfully on marketplaces. If important information is missing or the data is not optimised for the requirements of the marketplace, the findability of your articles will be severely limited and, in the worst case, they may not even be displayed in the search results.

2. Provide content

Some marketplaces offer the possibility to include topic-specific content on products. This should be used to gain an advantage over other brands that do not make full use of the marketplaces’ possibilities. Because in the end, it is the optimisation of the data that determines the ranking in the search results.

3. Follow the requirements of the marketplaces

Often there are specifications for special promotions and events that the marketplaces set for sellers. These may include logistics requirements or storage capacities for bestsellers. It makes sense to inform yourself in advance and to fulfill all requirements before the start of a special promotion.

4. Use ads and campaigns

To increase visibility on marketplaces, it can also make sense to book an ad or campaign to better place your own items. The ads can be compared to search engine marketing and guarantee that the advertised articles are displayed high up in the search results. If you want to push your brand for a short period of time, ads are a good way to improve reach quickly and should also be considered in your annual budget planning.

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