Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is the leading retailer in France.

Good news for haute couture friends – by connecting to Galeries Lafayette’s online shop, marketplace specialist Tradebyte has increased its presence on the second biggest e-commerce market in Europe and has therefore increased its attractiveness for connected sales partners. Galeries Lafayette is the leading retail company in France. Founded in 1894, Galeries Lafayette offers high-quality products ranging from fashion for women, men and children through to luxury goods, beauty, watches and jewellery to leisure and gourmet food.

Not just the French content is important for selling at Galeries Lafayette, but also a French TVA (VAT), which can be added with just a few clicks via the TB.One SaaS solution.

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Leading Retail Company In France

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Fashion, Luxury Goods, Beauty, Watches And Jewellery, Living And Leisure Through To Gourmet Food


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