From zero to hero with P4 Markets: The importance of good partnerships

How P4 & Tradebyte's combined expertise helped 50 brands to succeed on 30 channels in 20 countries within one year.

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With more than 20 years of experience as an e-commerce and sales agency helping brands to sell online, P4 Markets is an expert in its field. Initially serving brands, marketplaces have also become part of their e-commerce journey in 2006. Of course, they have accumulated a lot of knowledge, which they are happy to share with their partners.

The great strength of P4 is to recognise the needs of brands and help them to maximise their capacity with some extra resources. Primarily focusing on populating platforms with (product) data, P4 Markets takes care of the complete supply and development of each brand and supports them in the entire process.


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THE Trigger

The biggest challenge for brands that want to connect to new platforms is technical know-how. Each platform has its own requirements and it often takes a long time before a brand can go live. This is where the partnership with Tradebyte and our technical expertise comes in.

In 2020, the technical systems of P4 Markets and Tradebyte were bundled into TB.One. This gives P4 Markets’ customers access to our Super Retailer Network and helps them take full advantage of international omni-channel distribution. Thanks to the standardised processes in TB.One, going online  on brand side is significantly reduced. The success of this partnership can easily be seen in the results of the first year. Together, we were able to connect 50 brands to 30 channels in 20 countries in only twelve months. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

THE STrategy

The focus of our partnership lies on close cooperation. In order to work efficiently, some processes at P4 Markets have been parallelised and adapted (e.g. logistics, content, multi-channel onboarding and their BI tool). This gives us the opportunity to work on solutions together, and find the best way to meet our clients’ needs.

Interlocking our processes also creates another advantage. Thanks to the modular structure of our partnership, clients can use individual services flexibly and still rely on a very high level of service. This mix of know-how and multi-channel diversity is unique on the European market.

THE Result

The result of combining the strengths of P4 Markets and Tradebyte is best illustrated with an example: we were able to help the relatively unknown Threadbare brand to create a great increase in awareness making it internationally sought after. In just eight months of working together, the brand reached over 100,000 customers.

And there’s more! Whereas there were 26 channels going live in the first 12 months, this has now more than doubled – showing a strong upward trend. Among them are also 5 own brands of P4 Markets, which were able to start successfully. As a result, a total of 250,000 items were sold in the first year of our partnership and an Order Merchandise Volume (OMV) of 30 million euros was achieved in 2021, 700,000 euros of which came from Black Friday alone!

Sascha Coldewey

CEO of P4 Markets

Together with Tradebyte, it is possible for us to scale quickly and internationally, and to enable our partners to reach the pan-European market potential.