The TOM TAILOR GROUP is planning to extend its digital sales channels with the help of Tradebyte. In order to achieve this goal, the fashion manufacturer is utilising Tradebyte’s TB.One SaaS solution. This supports and simplifies the digitalisation strategy of the TOM TAILOR GROUP as a standardised connection to international retailers and marketplaces. Dr. Maik Kleinschmidt, Vice President of Digitalization at the TOM TAILOR GROUP, explains: “We have deliberately decided on Tradebyte as the central entity for the marketplace activities we are starting now, as TB.One is a scalable and flexible solution which enables quick access to new sales channels.”

As a first step for opening up additional online sales channels, Tradebyte has established the interface to the retailer Within only seven weeks, the TOM TAILOR product range could go live on one of the biggest fashion sales channels in Europe. The fashion company will be able to connect products to all other international Zalando channels with just one mouse click. Other international Tradebyte marketplaces such as AboutYou, ebay or LaRedoute, which are integrated in the TB.One SaaS solution as standard, will be available for expansion for the fashion brand.

“We are delighted about the collaboration with the TOM TAILOR GROUP”, Matthias Schulte, CEO of Tradebyte, says of this latest collaboration. “For international manufacturers, our standardised connection to the most important European sales channels offers a highly efficient opportunity to extend its e-commerce presence. This is now available to the TOM TAILOR GROUP.”

You can find the full press release here..