In the “Plenum” in the Wappenhalle on the ECD special lectures and keynotes are going to take place. Framed by the address of welcome and the introduction to the after-work party four wll-known experts are in the program. They give the audience an insight into theses and trends of e-commerce and online shopping of today and tomorrow from 10.45 am to 4.30 pm.

Here is a brief excerpt of the Plenum lectures:

Philipp Kreibohm, Founder / CEO Home24 GmbH
„How do customers want to shop furniture today?“

Stephan Meixner, Editor
“E-commerce 2030 – 5 trends for the future of trading”

Sonja Methling, Sr. Manager Merchant Services GmbH
„New Frontiers in eCommerce“

Johannes Altmann, Managing Director Shoplupe GmbH
“10 theses for online stores or “You are where you buy!”

Parallel to the Plenum about 30 more exciting workshops, trainings and lectures are taking place in the Channel Slot, Best Practice Slot, Partner Slot and Tradebyte Slot.
Also present: Rakuten, Zalando, Real, Bestsellers, Noppies, OXID, Magento and many more.

Enough reasons to save a ticket quickly.

More information about the program and the “E-Channels-Day” can be found here: