To start things off here are the top 5 highlights from today’s perspective:

  • Nearly 200 visitors are already registered.
  • More than 30 partners and sponsors, such as eBay, Otto and Zalando will participate.
  • The Session SLOT will feature Jochen Krisch and Stephan Meixner in exciting roundtable discussions.
  • The meeting software “ECD Gate” has already been implemented. We are expecting that more than 200 meetings will take place in the meeting lounge.
  • Look forward to our catering, which will be supplied by Feinkost Käfer this year.

In all likelihood this year’s visitor-count will, once again, top the previous one.
Please note, that tickets are limited and that the early bird offer will end soon.
Here you can find the event website, where you can also secure your tickets.

We are looking forward to your visit to Bavaria’s beautiful capital on the 23rd of May.