The first /dev/night of the series took place on August 09 under the topic “Transaction Patterns”. The event was opened by a short presentation of Niklas Heer. Here he focused on what “ACID” really means and why it is useful not only in the design of database management systems. He further showed the participants how to use the “Two-Phase Commit” pattern to build a complex transaction from several smaller (and thus more manageable) transactions, thus simplifying the system architecture.

As a common challenge, a fictitious (distributed) Club Mate vending machine should be built. A central “controller” should make use of two (remote) services, which in turn manage the cash handling and finally the mate dispensing (and of course control the inventory). Of course, it is also the task of the “controller” to ensure that no mate is dispensed if a cash payment is missed (or cannot be completed for lack of change) or the customer loses money because there is no mate left in stock.

Pairs worked on this task on the computer, developed the finished mate machine, and finally demonstrated it to each other.
The next /dev/night will take place on September 13 at 19:10. Topic this time: CQRS/ES (Command Query Responsibility Segregation and Event Sourcing).

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