More long tail supports our company strategy.

Online customers expect a great selection and fast availability. Through our long tail we increase customer loyalty and our hypermarket image.

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A shop window for more reach. Multiplier for more turnover.

Clearing centre for supplier data

All third party data combined in one transparent source system with just one interface and a lot of advantages. Fully-automatic alignment with connected suppliers, from stock to order messages as well as order splitting for combined shopping baskets.

Business rules for your system environment

Whitelist alignment with favourite articles, blacklist alignment with unwanted ones. Free configuration of business rules for transferring content and stocks into your own system environment. Automatic activation and deactivation of suppliers or brands.

Transparent SaaS application

Extensive PIM & OMS application for managing suppliers and drop shipping processes. Including features like control masks, mass editing and enhancement of external content. Complete transparency of order status and delivery processes.

Market place / Platform Vendor 1 Vendor 4 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 PIM Product Information Management OMS Order Management System Order data Product data

Full overview thanks to SLA-controlling

Complete control over the performance of the connected suppliers. Important KPIs on demand, such as processing times, reaction times, cancellation and return quotas. Plus a comfortable user interface and numerous export functions.

All-embracing supplier service

The whole way, from the systems of the suppliers to TB.One & TB.Market to the export into your own infrastructure, is supported end-to-end by Tradebyte. Competent services from training sessions and documentation to onboarding and integration.

B2B portal for supplier integration

TB.One Market Clients as a B2B portal for the simple integration of your own suppliers. Manual or interface-aided article creation, printing of orders and delivery notes. Every function is “out-of-the box”, ready to apply without any further effort.

Key Arguments

Offer extension

Not many own resources needed. Long tail without risk. Specific new product ranges, new brands, new target groups, simply at the touch of a button. And always everything central at a glance and under control.


Central purchasing is past. Instead many purchasers with a lot of expertise. Profit from the knowledge and feeling for trends of the most successful purchasers. Simply test new product ranges and build up competence.


Increasing stock without commodity risk. More products, more turnover and more satisfied customers. React quickly to demands, weather or trends. And all this managed centrally via one interface.


Higher range of products and articles, longer dwell time, higher conversion. More turnover through attractive product ranges tailored exactly to your target groups. Simply a better chance of success.

Connect these brands

Consulting for platform or marketplace operators.

Converting an online shop into a marketplace requires extensive adaptation of the existing systems and process environment. The suppliers and sales partners need to have as flexible and conflict-free a connection to the platform as possible, which should guarantee a smooth process in updating content and for the ordering system. TB.Consult helps you to find the best possible approach for the middleware, TB.Market, and supports you with the planning of your own sustainable marketplace or sales platform model.

Tradebyte performance figures.


Platforms, marketplaces, shop systems. Fully-integrated interfaces to the more than 90 most important channels in e-commerce.


Tradebyte sets standards. Just like our customers. High performance SaaS solutions for the most important players in the industry.


Experience over many years means routine – and performance. Tradebyte is best practice expertise for e-commerce marketplaces.