Any plans for the evening before shoptalk?

Join us for an exclusive dinner
at La Fabrica Moritz
in Barcelona

We look forward to meeting you at our exclusive dinner, where we unite e-commerce enthusiasts to talk about the latest trends, experiences, and challenges that the online world holds. This dinner is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders and innovators to connect and engage in meaningful discussions before the conference begins.

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networking event

2 June 2024
7:30 pm

La Fabrica Moritz
in Barcelona


The Blue-Eyed Russian Salad
Potato, carrot, peas and boiled egg salad with tuna and mayonnaise

Barcelona Hummus with Puffed Bread
Ratatouille hummus

Bravas “from around here” with alioli and spicy oil

Crunchy Iberian Ham Croquette

Fried Calamari Rings with mayonnaise

Munster Flammkuchen Traditional Alsatian fine pizza base with
crème fraîche, onion and thin layers of Munster cheese from Alsace

Codfish with Moritz 7 Tempura with ratatouille

Organic Bread “Triticum”

Moritz Negra Carrot Pie with cream cheese frosting

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two women laughing