Leder & Schuh AG, also known as Shoe4You, is a shoe retailer and manufacturer based in Graz.

Leder & Schuh AG, also known as HUMANIC and Shoe4You, is a shoe retailer and manufacturer based in Graz. Founded in 1872 and market leader in the middle and upper segment in Austria as well as No. 1 or 2 in 7 CEE countries. With around 10 million online visits annually, HUMANIC/Shoe4You ensures a wide reach for your offers. Furthermore, 4.5 million store visitors per month contribute to our level of popularity.
Become a partner of LSAG and get access to the award-winning online shop, increase your brand awareness, win new customers and benefit from our 150 years of experience as a retailer with 1.5 million customer club members. We take care of all customer communication as well as payment processing.

Would you like to sell on HUMANIC or Shoe4You?

Do you need an interface to HUMANIC or Shoe4You or are you looking for a middleware solution with integrated PIM and many mapping features to sell on marketplaces and platforms?
Then please contact us. Your Tradebyte team is happy to help.

Leading omnichannel Shoe Retailer

In Austria

10 mio

Online shop visits

1.5 mio

Customer club members and 7,500 personalised newsletter campaigns


Supported brand awareness & 203 shops in 9 countries


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