ABOUT YOU is an online shopping platform where people can discover fashion & lifestyle products


…is one of the fastest growing e-Commerce companies in Europe and Hamburg’s first unicorn since 2018. As a fashion and technology corporation, their ambition is to digitalize the classic shopping stroll by creating an inspiring and personalized shopping experience on the smartphone. This is why ABOUT YOU was created, a shopping destination where people can discover fashion that really fits their personality from a range of more than 3.800 brands. With its consistent focus on personalization, inspiration, and mobile shopping, ABOUT YOU has created sales in excess of €1,90 bn. in the fiscal year 2022/23 and is now one of the largest fashion e-tailers in Germany.

Tradebyte and About You celebrated their 10-year partnership in 2024 and meanwhile brands can use Tradebyte’s TB.One SaaS solution to connect to three partner business models:


…provides partners access to an efficient Pan-European fashion retail network. ABOUT YOU manages all customer-facing fulfillment processes by storing partners’ stock and offering warehousing, delivery to customers and return solutions. ABOUT YOU offers partners direct access to 26 European markets and guarantees high visibility in the ABOUT YOU stores. In addition, ABOUT YOU ensures a high degree of flexibility with regard to the range of products to be offered, while at the same time making logistics easy to handle..


…is a logistics service add-on to FbAY that leverages ABOUT YOU’s logistics infrastructure. MCF empowers FbAY partners to efficiently handle order fulfillment from both international marketplaces and your own ecommerce business. It reduces time and costs by streamlining localized operations across Europe with a single contract. MCF is an end-to-end solution that covers inbound processes, warehousing, outbound shipment, and return handling. The result is a seamless logistics experience that allows partners to focus on growing your business.


…provides partners access to an efficient Pan-European fashion store network. ABOUT YOU’s drop shipping model enables partners to offer specific and market-tailored assortments in the respective countries, which ABOUT YOU then resells to end customers. Partners benefit from the high level of awareness and the enormous reach of ABOUT YOU in the countries and gain speed through a fast connection to our stores. With drop shipping, the partner is responsible for the entire shipping process: deliveries to the end customer as well as the management of returns.

Available Partners Business Models:

Fulfillment by About You (FbAY), About You Multi Channel Fulfillment (MCF), About You Drop Shipping

About You Drop Shipping Channels:

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal

Available ABOUT YOU Fbay Channels:

Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Italy, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Luxembourg

Available About You Multichannel Fulfillment Sales Channels:

Zalando, OTTO Market

> 400,000


> 3,800


> 7,000,000



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