Cyber Week & holiday shopping

Get ready for this year’s Cyber Week and holiday shopping season

Master this year’s Cyber Week and holiday shopping season with these last minute tips

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The countdown to the busiest time in the e-commerce calendar has begun, and we are here as always to help you make sure you are ready for your best performance yet! Now’s the perfect moment to fine-tune your strategy, make sure you’ve optimised the experience for your shoppers, and have the right measures in place to learn from the busy season for future ones!

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  • Optimise your Returns Policy: it can be worth prolonging your returns in busy periods like these to increase your chances of boosting sales and earning higher profits, as customers feel that they gain more control over their purchasing decisions.
  • Review your listings: make sure your product listings are up-to-date and attractive. Accurate titles, engaging descriptions and high quality images build trust with shoppers.
  • Competitive pricing: price management is essential in these busy times. Stay competitive by researching competitors’ offerings and adjusting your price strategy accordingly.


Wish you could travel to the future to predict consumer behaviour during this year’s peak shopping season? We don’t have a time machine yet, but we have done the research for you and looked into the results of a survey carried out by Sapio Research, with the participation of 12,000 consumers and 4,800 businesses in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.

Here are the key findings worth baring in mind this Cyber Week and holiday shopping season.

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With over 10 years of experience and expertise, connecting 90+ retailers with 1,000+ brands, your dedicated Tradebyte team is here to assist you in reaching your specific goals over the end of year holiday shopping season. We also offer consulting services, enablement sessions, guidance and support in scaling your business. These are exciting times at Tradebyte! The demand from brands and marketplaces alike is peaking as they prepare their holiday shopping strategies. Don’t miss your chance to contact us and receive catered advice. Let’s make 2023’s end of year shopping season the most successful one yet!

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Looking for more advice and insights? Make sure to check out our partner in crime Zalando’s upcoming webinar, exclusively focusing on Cyber Week. Expect a full recap on last year’s Cyber Week performance, as well as effective preparation tips and best practices tailored to elevate your marketing and sales efforts, and maximise your reach and impact on potential customers. Zalando is a key marketplace within our network, and this webinar available on demand will give you the insights you need to boost your efforts this cyber week. At Tradebyte, we support you in getting the right insights for best practices on the leading marketplaces in e-commerce fashion and lifestyle. Sign up now for Zalando’s webinar and unlock the knowledge you need for this Cyber Week!

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