More growth in digital commerce with Tradebyte.

Connecting seamlessly manufacturers and brands with marketplaces and retailers, that is what the Tradebyte ecosystem is based on. Fast, convenient, transparent and set up to serve just one goal: to increase the success. After all there is nearly no other market that is growing as dynamically as the digital commerce. Participation is the watchword.

In the Tradebyte ecosystem, e-commerce marketplaces are connected with online shops via the standardised interfaces. Platforms and shops gain access to external product ranges and therefore extend their long tail. Heterogeneous data structures are homogenised and connected to all relevant e-commerce channels.

Bricks-and-mortar commerce and online commerce are merging. Creating the technical requirements for digital commerce is the challenge of the future. It‘s Tradebyte’s mission to make the availability of goods possible across all channels and to standardise the IT infrastructure with standardised exchange formats and live interfaces. That‘s what the Tradebyte ecosystem stands for.

Expertise, performance and service hand in hand. For your online success. Today.


Facts and figures about Tradebyte

Founded 2009
Main office 91522 Ansbach, Bahnhofsplatz 8
Company management Thorsten Barth (CPO), Matthias Schulte (CEO)
Original share capital 50.000 EUR
Industry Software
Specialisation SaaS solutions for interconnection in the e-commerce market
Employees > 190
Marketplaces & channels > 100
Brands & vendors > 650


Tradebyte is growing from the operative business analogous to the market range. Thanks to concentrating on standardised solutions, the growth can be managed with a permanently slim company structure. Our vision: Tradebyte connects. Manufacturers, brands, online shops, platforms and market places. Our software solutions set the standard in the industry, which does justice to all the requirements of modern E-Commerce. In Germany, Europe, worldwide.


Thorsten Barth

Managing Director (CPO)

Thorsten Barth has been in the company since 2011 and is the CPO of Tradebyte Software GmbH. He manages the product teams, development and system operations. Furthermore, he is responsible for processes and projects and the strategic development of the product line and services.

Matthias Schulte

Managing Director (CEO)

Matthias Schulte is the co-founder of the company and, as CEO, manages all tasks around business planning, finance & HR and marketing. Additionally, he is responsible for sales and account management, and other teams important for customers, such as support & project management.

Stefan Klingner

Director IT Units

As Director of IT Units, Stefan Klingner is responsible for our SaaS solution’s entire hosting base, as well as all internal systems. Aditionally he takes care of all matters concerning IT- and data security.

Kathrin Hösl

Director Customer Units

As Director of Customer Units, Kathrin Hösl has been shaping the face of Tradebyte Software GmbH for customers since 2012. She is responsible for the customer oriented departments and makes sure that the interfaces between Tradebyte customers and internal teams are ideal.

Fabian Ihl

Director Technology Units

As Director of Technology Units, Fabian Ihl is responsible for all technical teams that work on the architecture and development of the SaaS solution. A clear focus lies on the constant improvement and professional coordination of development regarding customer applications.


Does it perform?

With every development we take a look at the performance. Only if a new function supports the unlimited speed of the application and only if it’s scalable, it goes into operation.

Does it fit?

Every additional software feature which is implemented due to individual requirements is generated for the overall application and the benefit for every partner.

Does it satisfy?

The cloud-based software solutions TB.One and TB.Market impress through the highest usability. Extensions of functionality mean no additional effort.

Does it sell?

As the highest goal of e-commerce is an increase of turnover, an adaptation or extension of the software is only implemented if it generates additional turnover.



Employees Brands & vendors Marketplaces & channels 2 010 9 5 9 8 2 009 1 4 0 4 2 011 1 8 2 50 2 0 2 012 3 2 3 50 3 0 2 013 4 3 422 4 5 2 014 5 1 544 5 0 2 015 6 0 576 6 0 2016 88 623 68 2017 118 650 92 2018 138 650 95 Employees Brands & vendors Marketplaces & channels

Nominations and Awards



The Federal Association of German Mail Order Business (registered association) has awarded Tradebyte Software GmbH the “Rising Star”. The prize is awarded to a young and dynamic company which has successfully launched a new product or business model onto the market as a trader or commerce service provider. “With its business model for the set-up & administration of e-commerce marketplaces, Tradebyte has proved itself against other start-ups and convinced the audience in an elevator pitch. […] “


Tradebyte Software GmbH was awarded the “Bayerischer Gründerpreis 2013” (Bavarian Founders Prize 2013) by Sparkasse and its prestigious partners (stern, ZDF and Porsche). The Bavarian Founders Prize is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Bavaria. It is awarded for exemplary performances in the development of innovative business ideas and the set-up of new companies. The aim is to promote a positive climate for start-ups in Bavaria and give people the courage to become self-employed.

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In a statistical analysis conducted by FOCUS and Statista, Tradebyte Software GmbH has been named “Wachstumschampion 2016” (Growth Champion 2016). On the conditions that a company has its headquarters in Germany and had a turnover of at least € 100,000 in 2011, as well as € 1.8 million or more in 2014, a top list of 500 companies was compiled. Tradebyte reached 21st place in the IT, Internet, Software and Services category with a growth of 46 % and ranks 187th among the 500 companies with the strongest growth!

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