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Josef Seibel had a goal to reach a more international audience. Within just three years of collaboration with Tradebyte, the shoe brand has achieved high results in 18 new markets.

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  • 11

    International Zalando channels integrated within just one year

  • 183%

    Compound annual growth rate

  • 30%

    Of Josef Seibel’s e-commerce efforts are powered by Tradebyte


Founded in 1886, Josef Seibel has been making shoes for generations in the heart of the Palatinate region in southern Germany ever since. As is often stated by the footwear company, “if you take a big step forward, it often feels good to take a look back as well” – and in this article we are going to look back on how this recently re-designed brand has managed to expand to over 18 new markets, developing their B2B success within just 3 years of partnership with Tradebyte.


Josef Seibel has been working with another e-commerce software solution since 2018, yet it did not allow the brand to fully leverage the potential that the European marketplace landscape has to offer. The company’s plan for expansion to reach new markets and target new customers led the team to reach out to Tradebyte. It became apparent that various marketplaces can only be integrated via Tradebyte’s product and service offer – many of which were priorities on Josef Seibel’s expansion plan list.

THE Strategy

The collaboration between Josef Seibel and Tradebyte started with going live on Mirapodo. This marketplace ranked high on the brand’s priority list, and is a trusted partner in crime of Tradebyte’s.

Once on Mirapodo, Josef Seibel was able to look into expanding to new markets across Europe. Together with their success manager at Tradebyte, the team evaluated marketplaces with the highest revenue growth potential and market share, and started connecting to them through Tradebyte. In 2022, the focus was to expand to Zalando’s international markets. With Zalando being one of the largest e-commerce platforms within fashion in Germany, it became important to the team at Josef Seibel to utilise this connection with the marketplace fully and be present on all their other markets too.

THE Result

It is safe to say that Josef Seibel has experienced tremendous growth through our successful collaboration. The brand has generated a boost in online sales with a 133% year on year GMV increase in 2022, and is now present in markets where it previously had no significant B2B sales.The integrations were fast, and the brand succeeded in selling on all marketplaces on its list of priorities.

The brand integrated with over 18 new channels including Mirapodo, Görtz and all Zalando’s international markets. Tradebyte’s ecosystem having a large focus on fashion and lifestyle, we were able to match Josef Seibel with marketplaces that specialise in footwear and are looking to expand their portfolio of brands and products.

What’s next for Josef Seibel?

Now that they feel they have a more international presence on relevant platforms, the team at Josef Seibel are choosing to focus on optimisation as a next step. By this, they mean that they wish to look into boosting their data and content quality with the aim to further increase sales across channels – the more content and data is fed into the Tradebyte TB.One software, the smaller the return rates as customers have a better description of the products they are buying.

Lukas Seidens

Business Development e-Commerce Manager

Today, we offer our shoes on most of the relevant marketplaces in Europe, we have been able to significantly increase our export share in e-commerce and we are on track for growth. We are glad to have Tradebyte by our side in this.
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