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Use Tradebyte VCS service and sell on Amazon even easier

Tradebyte unterstützt den VCS-Service von Amazon. Erfahrt hier alles über das hilfreiche Feature.

You are selling your products on Amazon? Then you should know the following: From mid-April, all Amazon partners are required to upload invoices to Amazon Seller Central. Amazon will take over the creation of invoice documents when activating the VCS service so that no invoices have to be uploaded. To help you with this process, Tradebyte offers support for the VCS service. But the VCS service support has other benefits besides providing invoices. Thanks to Amazon Business and Prime Wardrobe, fashion partners in particular can increase their visibility and save on FBA costs. Learn everything you need to know about the VCS service in this blog post.

What are the advantages of the Tradebyte VCS service for Amazon partners?

The Amazon VCS service offers sellers support for calculating sales tax and an invoicing function. By signing up for the Amazon Sales Tax Calculation Service, Amazon partners can offer their items to business customers with prices that do not include sales tax and use the Sales Tax Downloadable Invoice logo for their listings. This in turn increases product visibility on Amazon Business. 

What do partners have to consider when creating invoice documents? Should the partner continue to send invoices within orders after activating Amazon’s VCS service?

After activation, the VCS service automatically creates invoices with VAT in the name and on behalf of the seller and also the credit notes for the customer. However, the seller remains legally the issuer of the invoice created with the VCS service. VAT will also be charged and invoices issued for orders placed before the activation date but dispatched after the activation date.

The partner should take care not to include invoices and credit notes for transactions with the shipment after activation. Credit notes may still need to be issued for transactions that took place before Amazon’s VAT calculation service was activated.

What is Prime Wardrobe? 

Prime Wardrobe will be available from mid-April 2021.  The program is aimed exclusively at Prime members and offers customers the opportunity to try on selected fashion and footwear items at home for seven days. The purchase price for the Prime Wardrobe order will only be due after this period. Only those items that the customer wishes to keep will be charged. Merchants who offer Amazon Wardrobe can look forward to higher visibility and a price advantage on FBA storage fees. To participate in Amazon Wardrobe as an Amazon affiliate, the following requirements apply: 

  • Selling partner must be a brand owner (as of March 25th 2021).
  • Unlocked product categories: Shoes & Clothing
  • The average sales price must be over 20€.
  • FBA
  • VCS
Is there a charge for the VCS service?

No, the service is free for all Tradebyte partners. If you have any further questions about the feature, please contact your Tradebyte Success Manager. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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