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Tradebyte Success Stories: How we transformed these retailers into marketplaces

To successfully turn retailers into marketplaces, we developed a strategy to make your business flourish. Learn more about it in our blog post.

Our Marketplace Solutions team focuses on 5 core principles which we believe are key to helping our clients flourish as marketplaces, and offer them the best value propositions and services.


Evolving a traditional retailer structure to support a marketplace can be highly complex and requires a variety of skills and knowledge. Our success with the first German outlet to become a marketplace – Outletcity Metzingen – is a great example of how we empower our customers to create a scalable marketplace model with both our technical solutions and experience of best practices.

Our marketplace gives our brand partners even more flexibility in designing their online presence. Tradebyte has been a reliable and cooperative partner for us throughout the early phase and we are very much looking forward to expanding our collaboration!

– Outletcity Metzingen


Without brands, there’s no marketplace. A marketplace’s success depends on the quality and number of brands they are connected with. However, making these connections happen depends on each brand’s digital fitness, and a great deal of complexity in bringing the two systems together. At Tradebyte, we’re experts in connecting retailers to our existing brandpool of over 700 brands, which continues to steadily increase. We get you up to speed for your marketplace ambitions. TB.Market is the perfect tool to make integrations happen and to keep an overview of all activities. Find out more about how this works and benefits both the brand and retailer in our success story with German fashion brand VAN GRAAF.

Tradebyte was always there to help manifest the success of our platform. Not only as a helpful sparring partner in the projects early days and first integrations but also as a continuously available advisor and supporter in the day-to-day challenges of running a platform business.



When expanding a business into a marketplace, many new relationships need to be formed and maintained, including those between the retailer, the brands they work with, and new customers the enlarged product range attracts. At Tradebyte this process is simplified. Each of our clients has a dedicated Success Manager, with whom they establish the expansion’s roadmap together. Find out more about how this close partnership is at the core of making platforms players successful in our success story with Engelhorn.

With Tradebyte we chose one of the leading platform enablers in the European Fashion and Lifestyle sector, which has led to a competent partnership for our platform strategy. We’re looking forward to mutual growth and our further close cooperation.

– Engelhorn


Of course the expansion to a marketplace has to pay off. Handsomely, ideally. GMV, revenue, customer traffic and product range for example, should increase at healthy rates. At Tradebyte we support our customers in analysing the data behind their expansion, look at statistics and help with marketing their newly increased product range. Find out how we helped MyToys boost their sales in our shared Success Story.

Thanks to the self-service approach and other solutions we worked out in our close collaboration with Tradebyte over the years, we’re able to offer our new partners even more services and solutions, and are also able to work extremely effectively with few resources. This way we can keep scaling our partner network, and deal with the large amount of demand we receive. Tradebyte is an ideal partner we trust, and enjoy working with, too.

– MyToys


Once you’re set up as a successful marketplace the work isn’t over. The retail landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep an ear close to the ground when it comes to trends and optimization processes. At Tradebyte we’re in a unique position to give you the best information about how to stay competitive regarding time to online, since we’re the leading experts in all stages of growth. Check out our Success Story with Wundercurves to find out how our ongoing work together keeps their marketplace at the top of its game.

With Tradebyte’s support, we were able to professionalise our marketplace business and significantly accelerate its expansion. Above all, Tradebyte’s technical services have facilitated the onboarding of new partners.

– Wundercurves

Do you want to learn more? Then take a closer look on the success stories with our marketplaces:

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Or do you rather want to write your own marketplace success story? Just get in touch with us!


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