The E-Channels-Day is not only a congress with interesting technical contributions and workshops from the E-Commerce business but also a platform for personal conversations. Therefore networking in the best and immediate sense because one-to-one meetings between representatives of marketplaces and platforms – the E-Channels – and vendors will take place in the „Meeting Lounge“. Also the technology service providers, e.g. vendors of connectors between Tradebyte and a shop system will be available for individual conversations.

Tradebyte will take care of the meeting organization and clarifies the need for talks on both sides prior to the event. The meetings will then be set up according to the availability and feasibility with intervals of 30 minutes. The meeting lounge is located in a separate area in the Wappenhalle. This way visitors can retire to the conversations as well as get to the presentations in the adjoining plenum quickly. Every visitor will receive their personal meeting list when checking in to the event. The conversations will take place in the eight available meeting lounges throughout the day.

At the counter of the meeting lounge on site, meetings can also be arranged spontaneously at the day of the E-Channels-Day – of course, subject to availability.

Take advantage of the opportunity to effectively embrace the day with several important meetings!

The meeting query will take place about ten days before the event. Tradebyte will inform you on this via E-Mail.

Everything else about the meeting lounge and the „E-Channels-Day“ can be found here: