The word record attempt will probably immediately evoke associations with the „Guiness Book of Records“ and its countless entries of the biggest, longest, fastest or highest superlatives. A record attempt in an abstract discipline as a Go-Live of a vendor on his online shop and one marketplace including all necessary systems and interfaces can therein be found rather rare. But that does not mean there cannot be any records in this area.

As part of the E-Channels Day Tradebyte will try exactly this: At the „Go Live Express“, project managers, developers, web designers and the distributor himself will work on getting a vendor live on two online channels with his assortment and re-establish his entire system beforehand in an improvised office on site in the Wappenhalle in less than nine hours. This includes a modern PIM and order system (TB.One), a brand-new, customized SaaS online shop and a fully automated interface to the shopping marketplace Everything live, everything during the event. The visitors can watch how several employees design and fill systems and interfaces from scratch. While the guests at the E-Channels-Day inform themselves about news and trends in the E-Commerce branch and network diligently, the operation in the office in the foyer of the Wappenhalle is going at full blast. The goal here is: Go-Live of the vendor before the soiree begins at 7pm. The fact that this Go-Live can be observed on the screen by all guests, increases the challenge and excitement in equal measure. From zero to online in only nine hours: There has never been any similar process in such a short time. At least not in this manner and not that we were aware.

But what makes this accelerated process so special? It shows that the mixture of standardized software solutions, process worlds and an individual customer tailored concept is the key to a short „time-to-market“ at a comparatively low budget. In a way it is the trademark of Tradebyte to combine both areas in one design for the customer. It also shows that with adequate preparation and close cooperation with the customer a slim lined process is possible which quickly leads to the desired goal without frills. Maybe not always at a record time as in this case, but certainly at maximum speed.

More information on the „Go Live Express“ and the „E-Channels-Day“ can be found here: