Tradebyte developed from a pioneer into a staple of “networked e-commerce” within three years. This dynamic is also reflected in the relaunch of its own website at After the reworking of the corporate design at the end of 2012, now the concept of a B2B campaign and the internet appearance has followed.

Special highlights are the prominently placed “Customer Statements”. In a short statement, customers from different industries describe the value of their respective market principles and why “networked e-commerce” is so attractive. At the same time, the challenges of the market are highlighted and it is shown how these challenges can be solved with Tradebyte software solutions. By the way, the campaign will appear in the specialised press shortly.

With its internet appearance, Tradebyte has found the ideal route for a quick overview, profound information, up-to-date technology and a fresh look. Tradebyte software solutions are extensively displayed with all features and services. Manufacturers, brands or online shops receive a meaningful overview of the e-commerce channels currently available. And news is available according to date and topic via the blog.

Continuous growth also means additional staff. Tradebyte is always looking for reinforcement through specialists and career changers, which is why the job area has been renovated completely for the new internet appearance. The functions for the online job search and the information for applicants have been extended accordingly on the new internet pages. People who are interested get a comprehensive impression of the market and the company through to impressions of the office building and work places.

If you have any questions please contact us, your Tradebyte team is happy to help.