At Tradebyte we work together with selected partners to provide our joint customers with the best possible basis for success-oriented and efficient work. In order to guarantee a flawless connection to TB.One, we offer our technology and solution partners the opportunity to go through a certification process. In only five steps!

1. Why become a certified Tradebyte partner?

Before you start the certification process, one question pops up naturally: Why should we undergo a certification process? Tradebyte technology partner Actindo has only recently received the certification seal. Boris Krstic, Co-Founder at Actindo shares his reasons for certifying the ERP provider:

Boris: “We have decided to have the connection between Actindo and Tradebyte certified, because we want to provide our customers with a flawless connection between the systems. The certification shows that the partnership is directly reflected in the quality of the connection and that a fast and error-free handling of all commercial and logistic processes is provided by the connector. We hope that the certification will give our customers security and that the connection will meet all requirements. Due to the approval by Tradebyte, we can ensure that the bidirectional transfer of data is guaranteed in all projects and that automated exchange reduces the workload for customers.”

2. Kick-off call with the Tradebyte team

The decision for a certification has been made. What`s next? In a detailed kick-off call, our certification team takes the time to share all relevant information and explain further steps to the partner and answers every question. Katharina Caracciolo, Partner Manager at Tradebyte, is responsible for organizing the certification and Benedikt Bräuer, Technical Delivery Manager at Tradebyte, is available to assist the partner in word and deed with all technical questions. The partner also receives a TB.One test account for the development/expansion of the connector to be certified.

3. Let’s do this: The partner develops / optimizes the connector

The next step is then the partner’s turn. He handles all technical to-dos discussed in the kick-off call and develops or optimizes the connector based on the selected pilot customer. In addition, the partner writes a documentation that will help the customer later on with any questions. Of course, the Tradebyte team is on hand during this phase and always available for further questions and support.

4. This is where it gets exciting: The final test

From now on the crucial phase begins, as in this step we check the connector of the partner. A connector only receives its seal when it meets 100% of all requirements. Up to this point our team puts the connector through its paces. We also go through the documentation step by step. In the case of Actindo the finished connector was presented and demonstrated by the partner via webinar. We were then able to check the connector with only a few tests and quickly accepted and certified it.

Boris: “The certification process went very quickly and professionally. The problems and ambiguities arising in the process were specified by Tradebyte and communicated to us. As a result, a successful approval of the connector could take place after a very short time.”

5. And the certificate goes to …

After the successful approval of the connector, the partner receives a certification seal. This seal stands for the high quality of the connector and guarantees both the partner’s customers and Tradebyte customers a functioning, flawless connector. Ergo: The trust factor of the partner increases.

The seal is made available to the partner for marketing measures and Tradebyte also clearly highlights certified partners. Connectors that make the work of our customers easier are our top priority.

You would like to become a Tradebyte partner or are already a partner and would like to have your connector certified?

Katharina Caracciolo, Partner Manager at Tradebyte, will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the Tradebyte partner ecosystem.

Simply write to her via