It is finally time: the ECD meeting process has begun! If you are one of the lucky owners of a type A ticket, or a sponsor or partner, you can now request 30 minute meetings via the ECD Gate. Each company can send an unlimited number of requests, but can accept a maximum of ten. All One-to-One Meetings will take place in the Wappenhalle’s Meeting Lounge.

And these are the rules of play:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Book time slots for all presentations and
discussions you would like to attend
Request meetings with any of the
other participants of ECD18
Confirm incoming requests for meetings
you would like to attend


One week prior to the event the ECD Gate will automatically assign you time slots and rooms for your meetings. You can find a video tutorial detailing the meeting process when you log in on your ECD Gate account.

New this year:

Get answers regarding any technical issues in the Tradebyte Support Room by requesting Tradebyte Experts for one hour sessions via the ECD Gate. Additionally you can secure a spot in the strictly limited, interactive Deep Dive Workshops by registering for them through the ECD Gate. These table workshops are limited to 15 participants each – so it pays to be quick!

ecd18 deep dive support

We are looking forward to meeting you at #ecd18muc and wish you many fruitful meetings.