The international philosophy of the Zalando partner programme is very successful and is turning more and more into an e-commerce hotspot for international online vendors within the fashion industry. No wonder, as the reach is permanently increased and the service, such as the localisation concept developed by Zalando, offers real advantages to traders. This makes expensive translations of product data obsolete, which means that many suppliers and brands can now also sell their products in Italy without too much preparation. That’s also how Steffen Maschke, responsible for the platform business at OUTFITTER, describes it: “We have had very successful cooperation with Zalando for years and are very happy to profit from the considerable reach, also abroad, and therefore reach end-consumers in the whole of Europe.” The company is one of the biggest online vendors for sports articles and sports fashion in Germany – especially in Italy this is a segment of the fashion industry with consistent growth.

Tradebyte accompanies OUTFITTER and many other brands from the fashion industry on their way with the SaaS solution TB.One. As a central management tool for the entire process, TB.One manages every process and has interfaces to the relevant partners and to Zalando. As with the German Zalando partner platform, the connected supplier is responsible for direct end-consumer shipping and returns handling, Zalando carries out the first-level support to end-consumers. The customers profit from the proven fulfilment processes of the respective suppliers and traders. In 2012, Zalando IT already had the most clicks for a fashion brand on the Italian Google page. The concept of offering a product range adapted to the local market is working perfectly. And in the future the number of clicks will surely keep on increasing.