We are already counting the days until we finally are at the DMEXCO with the Tradebyte ECD Lounge. We are happy to welcome the Tradebyte technology partner MAC IT-Solutions at our booth whose OMS, ERP, CRM, LVS and POS systems are used by reputable merchants all over Europe. In this interview we talked to Oliver Bartl, Head of Cloud Business, who told us about which topics MAC Solutions will inform everyone who’s interested at the DMEXCO.

Oliver Bartl, Head of Cloud Business bei MAC Solutions
Oliver Bartl, Head of Cloud Business at MAC IT-Solutions

Tradebyte: Why does MAC IT-Solutions join the DMEXCO 2018 as a partner of the Tradebyte ECD Lounge? 

Oliver Bartl: We are living a very harmonic partnership, both on a technical and on a human level.
Our DiVAOMS system in conjunction with TB.One offers a high performing solution for the connection of the consisting infrastructure to the desired marketplace – fast, easy and without great expense. More than 80 distribution channels from A like Amazon to Z like Zalando can be connected to the OMS- and ERP-system DiVa or MAC with the help of fully integrated, scalable interfaces.

What do you offer the booth visitors at the DMEXCO thematically?

DiVAOMS as a slim entry-level solution combines all functions of the order management and can be smoothly integrated into your consisting IT systems. Thereby it can either be embedded individually in your consisting system or extended by additional modules like a complete ERP system.
In combination with marketplaces, we are for example answering the questions how a merchant can space stock on different channels, that are connected to TB.One for instance. Also we can provide information about returns, order processes, payment, management, logistics, accounting etc. and about how DiVA is exchanging these data with TB.One. Especially if a merchant wants to enlarge and needs a professional, scalable IT platform, we can actively support him.
Because of the longstanding experience in the e-commerce and omnichannel trading, DiVa shows an extremely high degree of automation. The enormous performance is enabled by a perfect interlocking of business processes. That makes the solution the benchmark of the branche.

What are you most looking forward to at the DMEXCO?

I want to network with many interesting personalities. I am looking forward to show that MAC IT-Solutions is an absolute e-commerce expert, especially in cooperation with Tradebyte.

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