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Amazon Account Management – Get started!

Connect to Amazon via Tradebyte and benefit from Amazon Account Management! Find out how it works in this blog post.

Ever thought about selling on Amazon? We have something that makes it particularly attractive to get started: until the end of the year you will also be assigned a personal Account Manager when you connect via Tradebyte.

What exactly does Amazon Account Management offer?

Every new sales channel has its own peculiarities – so it can be an advantage to have an Account Manager at your side who communicates the next steps transparently and is right there for help and advice if you have any questions. As a company you benefit from the following services thanks to Amazon Account Management:

  • Strategic cooperation in order to continuously develop your own account
  • Support with Amazon programmes (FBA, marketing, brand tools, internationalisation, etc.)
  • Extensive support in case of problems.

Are there any requirements that have to be met in order to benefit from an Amazon Account Manager?

Of course, there are a few criteria that must be met in order to benefit from this special service.

  • Only available for new accounts
  • Support / Consulting only in case the account has been registered together with Tradebyte
  • The support is only valid for the current business year (January to December). The decisive factor is the launch date (for example, a brand launched on 3 January will be supported until the end of 2021)
  • Not all accounts are eligible for this service. We decide on a case-by-case basis whether the account in question is eligible for the service.
And how does it work?

All you need to do is contact your Tradebyte Success Manager. We will then put you in touch with the respective contact and you will receive the registration link directly from Amazon. Don’t hesitate and contact your Tradebyte Success Manager now!


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