The participants expressed their creativity by developing these four games under the overarching theme “Waves”:

  • CatchingFairies: A two-player VR game. One player distributes fairies in the room, which can only be found by the second player through light- and sound based clues. The game requires HTC Vive.
  • Microwave Balloon Adventure: The game’s goal is not to hit obstacles, such as bats and rocks, while maneuvering to the exit.
  • Stupid Alarm: The player has to escape from a labyrinth, accompanied by the sound of a ringing alarm clock, which increases in volume when the player gets closer to the exit.
  • Wave Kings: Is playable with four controllers, or with a keyboard. The goal is to keep a viking on his boat while it is being attacked by fish.

The games can be accessed at GGJ’s official website and (with the exception of CatchingFairies) are all downloadable and playable.

With about 36,000 jammers, who met up at 702 different venues, GGJ 2017 broke all existing records.

Tradebyte would like to thank all participants and visitors for a great weekend, and is looking forward to being part of GGJ again next year – possibly with even more finished games.