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The Garbit Tradebyte Connector: A multichannel connection to Sage

Garbit_LogoOptimising every stage of the business process from the moment of ordering to the order handling up to the shipment to the customer: The Garbit Tradebyte Connector is a full-blown interface that connects TB.One directly to the ERP system Sage Office Line. A conjunction that meets the highest standards of professional e-commerce.

The combination of TB.One and Sage offers a powerful solution for every ambitious supplier. The seamless integration of the adaptable ERP system into the Tradebyte ecosystem enables the highly efficient and cost-optimising connection of your stock to more than 65 national and international digital platforms and marketplaces.

Serving as link between the two systems, the Garbit Tradebyte Connector guarantees the frictionless data exchange without further efforts, including fully-automatic import and export functions of article and order data.

Thereby you get a considerably bigger range without having to invest time and money in additional software and technical development. Moreover, the stock and order administration demands few personnel expenses due to the cloud-based applications of Tradebyte– and all this with full control and overview of all processes at any time.

It’s the main objective of Tradebyte to refine constantly our software applications to the benefit of our partners and clients. Together with Garbit and Sage we are therefore very pleased to present a well-engineered solution that will help many suppliers to put their products on the digital market and to discover the many sales potentials of e-commerce.

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