Julia, Teamlead Support

As everyone knows, happiness is a horse. Julia would probably agree with this. And perhaps also this sentence: I‘m happy and everything’s right at Tradebyte. It might be bad rhyming, but it makes sense. Julia loves the absolute trust which she enjoys here. It feels a little bit like work with horses: a combination of understanding technology and empathy, also towards customers, and sometimes the challenge of being in charge.

Stefan, Key Account Manager

There has to be a footballer. But Stefan isn’t just any footballer, he even played in the higher leagues. Beckenbauer would say: He can do left as well as right! Meanwhile, he’s a player-coach and combines his own playing skills with strategic thinking. He loves that – also as a Key Account Manager at Tradebyte. In contact with the big players of the industry, it’s also all about the right mixture. Playing beautifully in itself is not enough.

Nikolai, Werkstudent Integrationmanagement

Before Nikolai started protecting his Quarterback as an Offensive Tackle in American Football, he was successful at Judo. Full contact, with the highest level of energy. As a Student Trainee he also needs that. After all, he has to be successful in two disciplines. Thanks to the phenomenal team spirit within the Tradebyte Integration Team, he is entirely successful at this. From day 1 onwards. He even describes working here as freedom. We have goosebumps and would like to say: Please stay with us for a long time!

Florian, Key Account Manager

Bass, we need bass! That comes in handy for Florian, who is responsible for the groove in his band “My Hero Failed”. And he also brings that with him into the Tradebyte Sales & Key Account Team. Originally, he used to be a guitarist, as he admits –a career changer, exactly what we like. Having a flow with customers, performing in rhythm with the team – that’s what he likes. And there isn’t so much difference to the stage– although you probably sweat more on there.

Tino, Software Developer

Perhaps it’s the conscious separation from the clean world of software development with which Tino normally spends his time with. In his free time, he loves working in his own garden with his bare hands, growing plants, harvesting his own vegetables, and building a tree house for his children. A project which never ends and always bears new fruit. Always challenging, surprising and satisfying. Just like the work at Tradebyte. Where he’s also responsible for plants, of course.

Sonja, Key Account Manager

Concentration, focus, and the sudden discharge of energy – tennis has always fascinated Sonja. She loves standing on the court with her family and highlighting the team side of this sport. In the Tradebyte Sales and Account Management she also succeeds at that – on an international level. She only makes use of her fluent Chinese rarely, but that might change in the future. After all, the Tradebyte Grand Slam tour has only just begun.

Andreas, Integration Manager

Anyone can do mass production. Andreas loves individualising, fixing, wielding his screwdriver. In his case, with cars. Pimp my Ride in Central Franconia so to say – apart from parts of the chassis, there’s hardly any serial equipment left on and in his car. He can do fine-tuning, also as an Integration Manager, where he integrates sales partners via Tradebyte software. He improves and tunes their performance . Wait a minute, that’s…right: For this task of Pimp my Business, he neither needs a boiler suit nor an oil can.

Mark, Integration Manager

Whenever Mark really loves something, he shares it with others. On the one hand, his pervasive voice, on the other, the variety and type of his hobbies. He’s especially keen on cooking, in particular Asian cuisine. That can been smelt in the Tradebyte office quite often – if he cooks something at lunch time, he usually cooks for his colleagues too. Or you can read his travel blog where he got the inspiration for a particular recipe. He’s also good at archery. It’s good that he always hits the mark as an Integration Manager.

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