From chaos to PIM.
Selling with information.

Central availability of all data

Capturing centrally, processing, exporting and saving directly all relevant product data. No redundancy, no unresolved questions, no errors. Instead: high quality, efficient structure and unbeatably fast processes. And 100 percent fit for the future!

Scalability for every business

Modules make it possible: TB.PIM is the streamlined, clear-cut solution for every size of business. A solid framework which grows with your requirements. The flexible fees fit perfectly into every budget. There are no arguments at all against TB.PIM.

Clear workflows without redundancy

TB.PIM is a central solution against data chaos. No matter whether purchasing, marketing or external staff – everyone can deliver their product data centrally, according to previously defined authorisations. No work done twice, no long searches, full transparency.

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Many omnichannel features

The first PIM with dynamic interfaces for stocks, prices and geo-information. For supporting omnichannel and distributed commerce. To reach the customer exactly where he is. Thanks to the sophisticated e-commerce API framework.

Fast and structured internationalisation

Conquering new markets and exploiting the whole turnover potential. Delivering data to an unlimited number of countries without any disorder – perfectly tailored to every output channel. TB.PIM is the process enabler of global expansion strategies.

Standardised integrated interfaces

Perfectly delivering product data for each customer or channel. No matter whether for your own online shop, a wholesale customer or for advertising campaigns. TB.PIM offers fully-integrated and standardised interfaces with channel-specific settings.

Key Arguments

Strategic relevance

You can only sell products if you have information. The better the quality, the higher the conversion. Product data is a resource critical to business with direct turnover relevance! And a clear competitive advantage!


Central availability of all relevant product data: Fast and reliable, for all people concerned. No back and forth, no old data, no chaos. Instead: clear responsibilities without ambiguity and simple processes.

Added value

Added value through central data acquisition and enhancement. Valid basis for product range strategy, campaign control and long tail business. Important factor for achieving or not achieving success.


A quick market launch as a decisive factor for success. Delivering high-quality, perfect product data via all channels with a time advantage. Reacting to trends, overtaking competitors, delighting customers.

Tradebyte Customers

Tradebyte performance figures.


Platforms, marketplaces, shop systems. Fully-integrated interfaces to the more than 90 most important channels in e-commerce.


Tradebyte sets standards. Just like our customers. High performance SaaS solutions for the most important players in the industry.


Experience over many years means routine – and performance. Tradebyte is best practice expertise for e-commerce marketplaces.