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Within the next months, it’s finally time to say “Goodbye old error list!” and “Hello, SolutionCenter!”. The Tradebyte SolutionCenter automatically replaces the previous error list, so that all TB.One users can benefit from the advantages of the new feature. Sebastian Straka, Product Owner at Tradebyte and expert for the SolutionCenter, tells us in an interview what these advantages are and what goes along with this … Read More »

After a successful pilot phase, we are pleased to announce that the new TB.One cluster menu will soon be available for all TB.One customers. From May 12th on, the current cluster menu in your TB.One will be automatically updated to the new, improved version. But what’s behind the new menu? Which advantages does it offer Tradebyte customers and what is a cluster? Dirk Gaffrontke, Senior Project Manager at Tradebyte, told us everything about the new … Read More »

TB.One is a versatile software with extensive functions and settings. Especially as a TB.One newbie it can happen that you don’t use all the features right the first time. But even users who have known TB.One for some time should refresh their knowledge from time to time. After all, there are always new features and updates. Therefore Tradebyte offers regular trainings to all customers. … Read More »

Still not using TB.One because you can’t find the right platform or marketplace in our channel portfolio? Or you’d like to import product data via TB.One into your online shop? … Read More »

Focus on target groups when managing your assortment!

You would like to offer only certain sizes on a channel to have a better control over your assortment or because the target group is only for fringe sizes? Maybe you are limited to a certain number of slots on a specific channel and, therefore, only want to offer your absolute top sellers? … Read More »

Of course, the Tradebyte Support Team is always there for our customers and is always happy to assist you. However, we’d also like to recommend the Tradebyte InfoCenter. Your questions concerning TB.One can often be answered quickly and simply there. … Read More »

How can I easily list my products in TB.One via CSV? What are dynamic filters and how do I create statistics and dashboards? About 25 people attended October’s TB.One Basic Training and, during the two-day event, received answers to these and many other questions directly from the experts at … Read More »

ebayIn order to run discount- and promotional programmes on eBay, vendors usually need to offer special product-variations. To participate in the Daily Deals programme it is necessary to provide so called Multi-SKUs, for example.  Multi-SKUs are special versions of articles, which are subsumed under one common … Read More »

joy_blog_236x96JOY sportswear GmbH, based in Ottensoos near Nuremberg, has been selling sports- and casual wear for almost four decades. In 1977 Claus-Dieter Grapentin and Norbert Pfletschinger decided to import comfortable sweatwear in order to sell it in Germany. Matching the then popular fitness-movement, the name JOY was coined – the joy of sports. JOY sportswear stands for quality-manufacturing, perfect fits, and offers special sizes as … Read More »

SAPPH_Blog_236x96400 stores in Great Britain, 150 in Germany and a further 100 spread across the world – Dutch manufacturer and multi-channel retailer of lingerie and swimwear SAPPH is clearly on course for growth. Founded in 2005 in Houten in Holland, the company is looking to further expand its online sector and to conquer new markets abroad in the upcoming months and … Read More »

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