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Of course, the Tradebyte Support Team is always there for our customers and is always happy to assist you. However, we’d also like to recommend the Tradebyte InfoCenter. Your questions concerning TB.One can often be answered quickly and simply there. … Read More »

JUM1. How long have you been at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I started as a Support Agent at Tradebyte in September 2014 and I am the first port of call for customers. I deal with all kinds of technical problems or customer enquiries concerning … Read More »

Tradebyte LogoStarting June 1st, 2014, we are changing our telephonic support to a callback service, in order to organize our 1st Level-Support more efficiently. This callback service allows our support agents to research the topic in advance and become acquainted with it.

You can explain your question through our purpose-built callback form. Our experts will work on your question after receiving it and will call you back promptly. Therefore all callback requests that reach us before 4pm on weekdays will be processed the same … Read More »

Alexander HoffmannSince August 2013, the Tradebyte Technical Support Team has had a new employee: Alexander Hoffmann. As a Support Agent, some of his tasks include the processing of technical customer enquiries through research, finding solutions and documentation. Furthermore, he acts as an interface between our customers and the Technical Competence Team, as well as the Development Team.

Alexander has been working in customer support since 2007. In the last five years he worked at IBM Deutschland GmbH as an IT Support Specialist. Through this, Alexander has long years of experience in customer … Read More »

Mark LichIn April, Tradebyte’s Support Team gained another new employee: Mark Lich. As Integration Agent, Mark is, for example, a direct contact partner for customers with questions about integration and will also support the Tradebyte team more and more in the area of webinars in the future.

Mark completed his training as an office administrator at Schaefer & Partner Consulting GbR. Afterwards, he changed to Schaefer & Partner Electronics GbR and advanced within 2 years from Customer Advisor to Team Leader of the IT Service Centre, … Read More »