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HSAnsbach_Blog_236x96On the 26th of April it will be time: Hochschule Ansbach will host the 11th Student Recruitment Fair. This job-fair offers a perfect platform for local employers to introduce themselves to … Read More »

nacht_der_unternehmen_blog_236x96On the 27th of October the 4th “Nacht der Unternehmen” will take place in Erlangen. The event’s purpose is to inform graduates, young professionals and university students, as well as people who have just finished their Abitur, about interesting regional job-prospects. Additionally there will be workshops designed to help with the application-process in general. … Read More »

hochschule-ansbachOn June 16th the university contact fair takes place in Ansbach and Tradebyte is one of the exhibiting companies. On the Ansbach University campus students can catch up on internships, job entries and career opportunities. The event is the perfect setting for the first encounter between companies and interested … Read More »

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