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The PHOENIX MEDIA Tradebyte connector module forms the interface between Magento and TB.One and combines product management and ordering. Both PIM and OMS operations are supported. The new Tradebyte connector for Magento 2 is now available for retailers. … Read More »

With heyconnect and FIEGE, we are welcoming two strong partners at one stroke in the Tradebyte ecosystem. The fact that the two companies become part of our network at the same time is no coincidence. … Read More »

Exactly one year after our last joint interview with Afound, we are delighted about exciting news from the individual brand within the H&M Group. On May 07th 2020 Afound opened a digital marketplace in Germany and in Austria as a next step in the European expansion … Read More »

With a connection to a platform, retailers and brands automatically benefit from a wide reach and a selected customer base. Mirapodo offers all platform partners the opportunity to present their own products in an even more targeted manner, thereby increasing visibility and sales. For this purpose mirapodo has created the Brand Promotion Program. What exactly is behind this program and how do brands benefit from it? Felix Eckert, Head of Marketing at mirapodo, explains this in an … Read More »

After a successful pilot phase, we are pleased to announce that the new TB.One cluster menu will soon be available for all TB.One customers. From May 12th on, the current cluster menu in your TB.One will be automatically updated to the new, improved version. But what’s behind the new menu? Which advantages does it offer Tradebyte customers and what is a cluster? Dirk Gaffrontke, Senior Project Manager at Tradebyte, told us everything about the new … Read More »

limango was founded in 2007 and has established itself as the leading shopping platform for families in Germany after just a few years. As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, limango operates a closed online shopping community and the open shop For a good two and a half years now, limango has also been selling partners’ articles in the shop. These articles are permanently available and supplement the product range in all categories that are relevant for … Read More »

Tradebyte is very happy to welcome the danish fashion platform Miinto in our portfolio. As from now Tradebyte customers have the possibility to sell products on the marketplace. Miinto is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion platforms and currently operates in seven european countries. … Read More »

PROCLANE is a certified SAP partner and has been part of the Tradebyte ecosystem for years. 2019 has been a year of significant changes for the integration specialist. Partner Manager Katharina Caracciolo talked to Emil Hadner, General Manager at PROCLANE, about these changes and our … Read More »

The myToys Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over the last 20 years, the company has changed a lot but it has always stuck to its basic idea of “making families happy”. myToys and its sub-shops mirapodo and yomonda have been part of the Tradebyte channel portfolio for a long time. Martina Baier, Director of Purchasing and Product Management at myToys told us about the development of myToys into a platform. Find out more about the idea behind myToys, its motives for the partner programme and anniversary events running until the end of the … Read More »

mirapodo has more to offer than just shoes! For the past six months, Germany’s leading online retailer for shoes has also been offering fashion items to its customers. The fashion product range is solely managed via the partner programme. And how are customers reacting? … Read More »

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