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“Repair” – the motto of this year’s Global Game Jam offered a lot of room for interpretation for the many development teams worldwide. In 2020, the GGJ took place at over 900 venues. And, for the fourth time, the Tradebyte-Office was one of … Read More »

From January 31st – February 02nd 2020, the Tradebyte office will be the playground for fans of game developing! For all of you who do not know what the GGJ is: In 48 hours people from around the world come together and develop cool games to a specific motto. Participants don’t have to be professional developers. Everyone can be part of the GGJ: creatives, graphic designers, organizers, musicians, artists. All of you are … Read More »

Once a year, the Tradebyte office turns into a playing field for software developers. Well, basically that’s what it is all year round, but for the Global Game Jam we also open our doors for guests. So what is the Global Game … Read More »

On the 26th of January it will, once again, be time for Tradebyte to bring the Global Game Jam to Ansbach!
For one weekend developers, graphic artists and other creators will meet at over 700 jamsites all around the world in order to design and develop video … Read More »

GGJ_SM_TestAbout 20 participants of Global Game Jam 2017 were able to experience first-hand how much work it is to create a video game. Within 48 hours they developed various concepts, built game-worlds and created a game-logic of their … Read More »

1701_ggj_blog_236x9648 hours, one topic and many creative heads: Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the biggest games jam event in the world. Every year it brings several thousand developers, musicians, graphic designers, artists, etc. together to develop games. In January 2016, 6866 games were created in 600 locations in 93 countries on just one … Read More »

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