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Starting in June 2016, the /dev/night is celebrating its third anniversary this year. We talked to Niklas Heer, the main organiser of the /dev/night, about the special features of the monthly event. Are you interested in software development? Then read the interview to see why you should take the chance to take part in the … Read More »

Blog_devnight_236x96The latest /dev/night, titled “TDD++ – how to write testable code?“, was able to build on the October session’s success with more than 20 participants. In November the presented topics were, among others, “Arrange, Act, Assert” and the “Red, Green, Refactor Cycle”. After the break a presentation on “Mocking” concluded the theoretical part of the … Read More »

Blog_devnight_236x96With Test-Driven-Development as the month’s topic, the makers of the third /dev/night seem to have hit the nail on the head. With over 20 participants attendance reached a new high … Read More »

Blog_devnight_236x96On September 13th the second /dev/night took place at Tradebyte. This time the monthly developer meetup was all about CQRS/ES patterns. Stefan Siegl initiated the evening with a general presentation of the subject, mentioning especially the advantages and potential application areas of Event Sourcing. … Read More »

Blog_devnight_236x96Da die Region Ansbach weder ein dynamisches Entwickler-Netzwerk noch ein regelmäßig stattfindendes Meetup-Format besitzt, wurde von Tradebyte eines ins Leben gerufen: Die /dev/night. Jeden zweiten Dienstag im Monat gibt es in den Büroräumen am Bahnhofsplatz deshalb die Möglichkeit, sich zu vernetzen, Wissen zu teilen und gemeinsam Challenges … Read More »

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