OTTO market -
OTTO's journey to an
open platform

OTTO Market -
Otto's journey to an
open platform

OTTO started out in 1949 with just a catalogue and a small selection of shoes. They called upon Tradebyte to help them boost their e-commerce performance and today OTTO has grown to become renowned as one of the most successful ecommerce companies in Europe. In fact, it is the biggest B2C online shop for home & living in all of Germany. With over 11.5 million active customers, 2.9 million visits a day and up to 10 orders every second, OTTO offers a very large reach and an opportunity for rapid growth.

Key Figures

+ 0 Mio

active customers


orders per second

The Story

OTTO transformed from a catalogue to a platform opening up new opportunities for retailers. By using OTTO Market, retailers have a central point of contact to sell their products on In fact, today OTTO counts over 4 000 partners selling on This was driven by a close partnership with capable providers such as Tradebyte, having one common goal for long term platform success.

The Trigger

As the world of online shopping is growing bigger by the minute, OTTO wanted to be sure to position itself as a key platform player in the field. They wanted to respond to the growing demand for online accessibility as well as a larger variety of product assortments, to add value for existing customers and win more new customers for

The Strategy

The transformation to a platform was a big challenge for OTTO. From only retail to also becoming a marketplace and service provider is a shift that requires an efficient implementation for customers. The OTTO team put a lot of focus into the analysis and refinement of their positioning and strengthened the OTTO branding so it is clear and aligned with the new strategy, clarifying the added value for partners and customers.

With our expertise and quality product here at Tradebyte, we supported OTTO throughout and enabled this transition into a marketplace. Our software makes it possible to significantly simplify the integration process for brands, giving OTTO faster and more automated processes such as value mapping and smooth and efficient onboarding with flexible export schedules. Through our collaboration, we also enabled connections to be made between OTTO and our pool of over 1 000 brands.

The Result  

OTTO’s online presence has significantly grown, and Tradebyte has been able to support by only providing value adding services, but also enabling them to build on the amount of partners available on their platform.

Today, OTTO counts more than 4 000 partners that are successfully selling via OTTO Market – a number that keeps growing every day!

What the Customer says.


Tradebyte enables our partners to connect smoothly and easily to our marketplace so we can grow stronger together.


Carolin Endres

Sales & Acquisition Manager

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