AVIANO'S Approach To Multichannel Increases Opportunities For Cyber Week


Approach To Multichannel Increases Opportunities For Cyber Week

Aviano is a key player in the global e-commerce scene when it comes to jewellery and watches. A partner in crime of Tradebyte’s since 2015, our strong collaboration has led to major wins. From market expansion and increased sales to knowledge sharing, we work together to put in place the right measures to attain objectives and ensure growth. With Cyber Week just around the corner, we’ve paired with the team at Aviano to take a look at multichannel business and the role it takes in platform success.



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The best way to ensure a successful Cyber Week and Holiday Season for Aviano has been to allow themselves enough time for preparations – typically starting with these in July. How do they prepare? Aviano have shared their key steps with us:

In the run-up to Cyber Week, Aviano checks that their entire product range is listed in a clear and concise way, and that it is live on the various platforms.

The pricing is revised and adjusted according to their goals. When it comes to discounts and promotions, they weigh up the profitability and only use these when it makes sense profit-wise, or with select articles for visibility.

it is important to send products in good time and in the required quantities to external warehouses to make sure they are available for sale and to avoid sold out items during the sales season. Aviano also makes sure to keep a close dialogue with their purchasing department to ensure that the right items are available in the right quantities at the right time for every warehouse.

Aviano actively approaches the marketplaces they work with to plan discounts and promotions as well as marketing campaigns in good time so that they can reduce prices accordingly and report them to the marketplaces via Tradebyte


Since collaborating with Tradebyte to sell their products and brands on other marketplaces, Aviano have experienced a much larger reach than on their own online shops as they get access to a new customer base that is not specifically looking for Aviano products or brands, but becomes aware of their assortment through browsing. 

When it comes to best selling products, Aviano tends to notice that a wide range of watch brands – from sporty to classic – experience a particular boost in sales over Cyber Week. Many customers also use this sales period to stock up on basic jewellery styles. 


Aviano has experienced an increase in the number of customers acquired through expanding to marketplaces via Tradebyte, helping them to achieve their goal to acquire 1 000 000 happy jewellery shoppers a year by 2026.


The Trigger

One of the biggest challenges that Aviano was facing prior to Cyber Week is that of stocking up their external warehouses. This is a time consuming process and cannot be done under short notice. This is why already in September, the Aviano team defines the articles, quantities and timing of warehouse deliveries so that they ensure that items are available for sale to customers at all times. With Tradebyte being able to help them store as well as support and manage items in external warehouses, Aviano saw an opportunity to reach a much larger customer base, open up new markets and increase turnover immensely.

The Strategy

Aviano uses TB.One, Tradebyte’s solution to connect with leading marketplaces in e-commerce. The TB.One software allows Aviano to access all item data in bundles as well as making these accessible to the marketplaces that need them. Data is made simple and uniform, and set up in the same way for every marketplace. This simplified process means that Aviano is able to prepare data for the use of marketplaces in a quick and easy way. It also makes it possible for them to process orders and returns automatically without manual intervention, settings or delivery notifications. Keeping a close cooperation with us at Tradebyte has allowed Aviano to really optimise processes and benefit from our ecosystem throughout the commercial calendar.


Through working with Tradebyte, Aviano has been able to expand and now boasts approximately 6 000 articles available on 51 marketplaces. They would not have had the capacity or resources to get this amount of items live on this many marketplaces with this amount of daily orders without working with their dedicated team at Tradebyte. This expansion has in turn led to increased sales, market awareness and visibility, and a larger reach.

What’s next for Aviano? Optimising and improving their assortment and content on each individual marketplace for a further increase in visibility and ranking which in turn will further increase sales. For this, the team is counting on TB.One for support as data content and management is made easier with the variety of tools and settings available.

What the Customer says.


Thanks to Tradebyte and the TB.One solution, we have the opportunity to sell our jewellery and watches on 52 marketplaces. With Tradebyte, we have a reliable and experienced partner on our side that also supports us during the busiest time of the year and reacts quickly to our needs.


Manuela Walter

Teamlead Platform Operations

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Aviano’s Approach To Multichannel Increases Opportunities For Cyber Week

Aviano is a key player in the global e-commerce scene when it comes to jewellery and watches. A partner in crime of Tradebyte’s since 2015, our strong collaboration has led to major wins.


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