Descartes pixi

As a member of the Descartes Systems Group the Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH is the leading manufacturer of merchandise management software and warehouse logistics solutions for e-commerce.

With the pixi solutions pixi WMS and pixi ERP, Descartes covers all e-commerce and omnichannel backend processes of an e-commerce company, from customer orders to barcode-supported pick and pack processes in the warehouse, shipping, as well as shipment tracking and invoicing. In addition, pixi Fulfillment provides transparency and flexibility for professional outsourcing. Thanks to its modular architecture, web services and standard interfaces, pixi can be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems and connected to marketplaces, shops and industry solutions. More than 300 companies – including large online players, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and fulfillers – such as,, and successfully use pixi.