New ecosystem creates competitive
advantage in e-commerce.

Answers to the digital transformation

Due to the digital transformation, commerce is more and more facing extreme challenges. Supply, warehousing and stock keeping, logistics and order handling have to be synchronised digitally. The Tradebyte ecosystem supplies the technical infrastructure for this.

Interconnection of inventories

The ecosystem comprehensively interconnects all warehouse and supply locations in digital commerce. With standardised exchange formats and live interfaces, Tradebyte enables the availability of goods as well as the management of inventory on demand.

Standardised, scalable processes

Digital commerce is shaped by heterogeneous IT systems and therefore very often has its limits. These barriers can be overcome through standardised, scalable processes. The Tradebyte ecosystem creates process standards and therefore decisive competitive advantages.

Full-automatic data streams

Data along the entire interconnected supply chain in digital commerce are synchronised via performance-optimised interfaces. Consistent and standardised exchange formats and transmission paths create a fully-automatic and always synchronous dataflow.

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Applications create flexibility

Embedded, high-performing exchange processes connect ERP, PIM & OMS systems with the sales channels of, amongst others, eBay and Amazon. Furthermore Integrated, highly scalable SaaS solutions, which communicate via intelligent web services, deliver available tools and applications immediately.

Time saving system integration

Data can always be transferred from one system to another. This is not the crucial point. The question is how much time does it take and at what cost. Especially when the transfers are needed several times a day. The Tradebyte ecosystem reduces complexity and saves time, costs and human resources.

Successful method sets new standards

More than 600 vendors and more than 80 marketplaces have already been connected through the Tradebyte ecosystem and profit from standards, which have been proven in practice. For new customers, only one-time integration costs arise, in exchange, the ecosystem offers many opportunities.

Holistic e-commerce solution

Companies often have to deal with several service providers and agencies in the data supply chain in the digital transformation process, which is difficult to coordinate. However, in the Tradebyte ecosystem all processes – from the manufacturer to the trader – are controlled and supported in one place.

Expanding B2C sales and optimising processes.

All B2C activities at a glance. Fully-integrated interfaces for more than 80 marketplaces – also international. Product information and order management (PIM&OMS) in one application. Extensive features for the automatic enhancement and export of content. That‘s the TB.One SaaS solution. A central management tool for all e-commerce channels – from high-traffic marketplaces and high-performance platforms to your own shop. TB.One is both a door opener and process optimiser in one. The one and only.

Connect new product ranges and increase conversion.

TB.Market is the standardised marketplace solution for e-commerce. Whether you‘re a successful retailer or an online shop – the addition of external product ranges and the connection of brands and suppliers is in high demand. TB.Market works as a clearing centre for content and order data, and connects the process world of retailers with those of the suppliers involved. The more than 600 integrated brands and vendors are connected fast and seamlessly in the Tradebyte ecosystem, newcomers are supported with special on-boarding services.

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