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The Road to ECD (part 3): The E-Channels Slots

1602_Logo_369x150_enWithin the framework of the E-Channels Day on 21st of April, visitors can participate in workshops and branch related lectures. Additionally, stories of the “E-Channels Slots” offer the visitors a comprehensive insight into the concepts and business models of the largest European market places.

Due to the fact that meanwhile Tradebyte is active in more than 16 countries all over the world and wants to address their international guests too, there will be a German and an English spoken E-Channels Slot. At this, market places from A like Amazon and Allyouneed via, Cdiscount, eBay, Rakuten, Real, Spartoo, Vaola to Z like Zalando will participate.

The E-Channels Slot deals with questions like „How can suppliers who are interested in a marketplace list their products on the channel?“ and „How can suppliers who are already active on a channel optimize their presence and their conversion?“.

The answers on these questions are given and explained in 30 minutes lectures followed by a discussion. The E-Channels Slot is divided into seven frames as are the Tradebyte and the Partner Slot.

The ECD offers his guests the setting to closely experience market places and to dunk into their processes.

Get now one of the tickets to early-bird conditions and network with the right contacts, at the right time at the right place.

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