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The /dev/night turns into a serial: Second monthly DEV-meetup

Blog_devnight_236x96On September 13th the second /dev/night took place at Tradebyte. This time the monthly developer meetup was all about CQRS/ES patterns. Stefan Siegl initiated the evening with a general presentation of the subject, mentioning especially the advantages and potential application areas of Event Sourcing. Then, with the support of pizza and Club Mate, small groups formed up to face the challenge of the month: to implement a shopping cart by means of Event Sourcing that provides the opportunity to add articles to a common pool as well as to remove them separately.

The subject of the next /dev/night, which is scheduled for the upcoming Tuesday October 11th, is Test-driven Development (TDD). As usual the meetup contains a presentation and a challenge. All interested persons are warmly invited to participate and to meet like-minded people in the office rooms of Tradebyte at the Bahnhofsplatz. Starting time is 7.15 p.m.

Get more information about the /dev/nights at In case of questions or suggestions you can contact the /dev/night Team at the following email address:

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