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Limitless shop connection with Tradebyte – the new Magento-PIM-Connector

Phoenix Media LogoOne size fits it all – Tradebyte sets new standards in cooperation with the Magento Gold Partner Phoenix Media for shop management and organisation of article data, content and order processes in the widely-used Magento shop system. Apart from big online marketplaces like Amazon, Zalando and co, now individual Magento shops can be connected simply to the TB.One software as a channel. The core elements here are the Product Information Management (PIM) and Order Management System (OMS), which centrally administer all data, and therefore enable comfortably and flexibly configurable e-commerce on different channels.

According to estimates, around one percent of all websites use Magento. Therefore, the e-commerce giant is not only the most used online shop software, but also forms the peak of innovation culture in the e-commerce sector. A situation, which Tradebyte fits into perfectly with its interface, developed individually by Phoenix Media for the requirements of Magento. Tradebyte Managing Director Matthias Schulte: “The objective was clear: At the end there had to be a software, with which online retailers could organise all of their sales channels centrally – in their own online shop, as well as on the big shopping marketplaces like Amazon. Our TB.One SaaS software solution offers the best conditions for this.” The basis for the flexible shop connection is the PIM system, which enables comfortable administration of product content and which offers many automatisation tools. Product data can be simply integrated into Magento via the interface, which can be configured with more than 50 different settings. With this, online traders can kill several birds with one stone: The functions of the “Tradebyte-Magento-PIM Connector” even enable the operation of several Magento shops at the same time, and in several languages. With the OMS connector extension, orders from different shops can be merged comfortably. Stocks are synchronised automatically and overselling items is avoided. Furthermore, the OMS component also imports shipping messages, invoice receipts and credit notes, and therefore ensures live synchronisation with the Magento backend. “Neither the backend of a shop system, nor the possibly prefixed commodities management can cover PIM features, as we need them in e-commerce nowadays“, Schulte goes on to explain. “Vendors with professional requirements therefore turn to best-in-class technologies more and more, and combine these via standardised, intelligent interfaces like the PIM-Magento-Connector.”

The best example for the felicitous and successful use of the new Magento-Connector is the online shop of the Hallhuber fashion brand. Through the smooth interconnection of the shop, PIM and OMS, the otherwise costly processes were streamlined considerably. Hallhuber fills and manages its Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Great Britain shops with Tradebyte and Magento. The connected shops are filled in the respective language and fitted with the product range defined for the country – and all that automatically. The fully-integrated OMS ensures smooth stock reconciliation and achieves homogenous order processes in logistics. Through standardised solutions with flexible configuration, Tradebyte has raised the standards of multi-channel sales in e-commerce to a completely new level from more than 1000 successful integrations of more than 400 vendors.”

Here you can find the press release.

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