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Getting things done – improve your efficiency with the new TB.One cluster menu

TB.One users can now get the new cluster menu activated. All they need to do is contact their Account Manager. But what’s behind the new menu? Which advantages does it offer Tradebyte customers and what is a cluster? Dirk Gaffrontke, Senior Project Manager at Tradebyte, told us everything about the new feature. 

Dirk Gaffrontke, Senior Project Manager

Tradebyte: Can you briefly explain what a cluster is?

Dirk: A cluster is a quick and easy method of aggregating identical products in an internal category. The special feature of clusters is that each cluster can be configured with “actions” in order to enrich the allocated products with channel, product and article data – also for future products. That allows our customers to automatically enrich their products with additional information (e.g. channel categories) via the clusters without having to enter them into the previous system beforehand.

From now on, TB.One users can get a cluster menu activated. What exactly is behind that?

There has been a cluster function for internal classification (e.g. entering a category, etc.) for a while. But we’ve decided to re-design the old menu because we wanted to place more focus on enabling our customers to get to the to-do point faster, which is really important. The new cluster menu doesn’t just look more modern; it also performs much better and the loading time is much shorter.

Which advantages does the new cluster menu offer Tradebyte customers?

Our main focus was that our customers could efficiently manage their own clusters and to create the necessary transparency for highlighting the most urgent tasks. We also wanted to offer more features while reducing the display to the essentials.

The clear interface of the new cluster menu in TB.One

There are definitely more features and advantages which will make work easier in the future. I’d especially like to highlight the filter feature. With this function, you can filter using different information, e.g. article numbers, lists of articles, characteristics or cluster configurations. That makes it faster to reach the clusters you want to process.

In addition to filters, you can also create tasks. They are anticipative tasks which signal actions to the customer. That means that this feature displays all the clusters which might be interesting for the customer even before the customer thinks about it. The customer sees which clusters he should change in order to go live with articles before there’s an error in the export. Some customers will be especially happy about the list upload function. From now on, csv files can be uploaded with article numbers and these articles can be automatically filtered. Last but not least, we’ve created a user-friendly layout. The individual functions are now organized in clear tabs and, within the channel information, the view can be reduced to interesting channels.

When will the new cluster menu be rolled out? What should Tradebyte customers consider?

The free “cluster menu” feature can now be activated via account management. Customers can simply ask their Account Manager. You can use the same channel to give us feedback (positive as well as negative) – we’d be very happy about that. During the pilot phase (which will probably last until March 2020), the old menu can still be used, but we’ll move all accounts over to the new menu over the course of the next year.

Do you have questions regarding the cluster menu? Please contact you Account Manager or

Here you can find the manual about the new cluster menu.

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